Snoop Dogg's preference for Skechers over Jordan brand: A surprising choice explained

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Snoop Dogg's recent decision to partner with Skechers for a sneaker deal instead of pursuing the Jordan Brand has raised eyebrows in the hip-hop and sneaker communities. Many expected the iconic rapper to align with the prestigious Jordan Brand, known for its collaborations with legendary athletes and artists. In a recent interview, Snoop Dogg shed light on his unexpected choice, citing reasons that may change the way we perceive sneaker partnerships in the hip-hop world.

In a conversation with All The Smoke podcast, Snoop Dogg revealed that his decision was influenced by a desire to reach a broader audience and make a meaningful impact on the sneaker culture. He expressed admiration for Skechers' commitment to innovation and inclusivity, emphasizing that the brand's global reach and focus on comfort resonated with his own values and priorities.

"Thank Martha Stewart for that because somebody from my team was blocking,” Snoop Dogg explained to hosts Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. “I ain’t gonna say his name, but the n—a was blocking. But he was blocking for the right reasons because he felt like Skechers and me didn’t connect. He felt like it was a brand that was beneath me, but n—a all shoes are beneath me."

Snoop expressed that Martha Stewart advised him to collaborate with Skechers because they lacked someone with his unique persona. She mentioned that Skechers would be willing to provide him with as many shoes as he desired. Additionally, she suggested meeting with the owner, Robert Greenberg, who had previously operated LA Gear.

"I took Martha Stewart’s advice. She said, ‘Snoop, you should get with Skechers because they don’t have anyone like you. They’ll give you as many shoes as you want. You should meet the owner [Robert Greenberg]. He used to run LA Gear."

"What people don’t know is that [Skechers] is No. 2,” he said. “Nike’s No. 1, and they’re No. 2. They got the most stores around the whole world. In some countries, all they do is wear Skechers. So I was looking at that like, I’m global."

The hip-hop community's response to Snoop Dogg's unexpected move has been mixed, with some applauding his unconventional choice and others expressing surprise at his departure from the traditional path of partnering with high-profile athletic brands. This decision has sparked a conversation about the evolving dynamics of sneaker collaborations in the hip-hop industry and the increasing influence of artists in shaping these partnerships.

Snoop Dogg's explanation for choosing Skechers over the Jordan Brand provides a unique perspective on the factors that artists consider when entering into sneaker deals. His emphasis on global impact and brand alignment offers valuable insights into the evolving landscape of sneaker partnerships in the hip-hop world. This decision may pave the way for more diverse and unexpected collaborations, challenging the established norms of sneaker culture and opening new doors for artists and brands alike.