T-Pain and Reba McEntire playfully go back-and-forth on social media

A hilarious exchange sparks between the country superstar and r&b Singer
Michael Rubin's 2024 Fanatics Super Bowl Party
Michael Rubin's 2024 Fanatics Super Bowl Party / Cindy Ord/GettyImages

In the spur of the moment, serendipitous internet moments took place when legendary country songster Reba McEntire, and budding R&B triller T-Pain were unexpectedly caught in a fun twitter exchange on social media. This out of the ordinary bump with an ultimately benevolent natural contender happened just before Anna’s legendary National Anthem at the 2024 Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

The wardrobe choice that sparked it all

It was triggered when McEntire whose fashion sense is unparalleled shared a glimpse of her pre-jetset to the Super Bowl LVIII. The country singer made a jaw-dropping outfit which is what many anticipated even those who were not in the scene. But it was one specific detail that set the stage for this lighthearted exchange: the way she walked and her chosen pair of shoes.

“Boots with the fur”: Reba’s shoutout to T-Pain

In a nod to T-Pain’s hit song “Low,” McEntire playfully captioned her photo with the words, “Boots with the fur.” And just like that, the virtual stage was set for a delightful back-and-forth between two musical powerhouses.

T-Pain’s hilarious response

Upon discovering the post, T-Pain, aged 39, quote-retweeted it with the subsequent line from the song:

"The whole club lookin at herrrrrrrrr."

Following that, McEntire shared a GIF of herself pointing her finger, taken from the opening theme of her television sitcom, Reba.

A memorable post-Super Bowl interaction

As the Super Bowl festivities kicked off, fans eagerly followed the playful banter between McEntire and T-Pain. Through their shared jokes, their mutual adoration, the friendliness between different genres and generations was highlighted. The whole thing was a touching proof that from grass coverage. Stars can meet up in the shiniest parts of the online world where long-term relationships can grow.

The legacy of “low”

T-Pain’s 2007 anthem “Low” is still a hip-hop and pop bridge connector. Its tempo and lyrics have withstood the test of time turning it into a cultural icon for music lovers of the past and now. And thanks to Reba McEntire’s funny trolling, a song has a sparkle in a place where the halftime show is held every year.

T-Pain's potential Super Bowl performance

The singer-songwriter joined Shannon Sharpe in Las Vegas for a Nightcap episode airing last Friday. When questioned about being approached by the NFL and Jay-Z to perform at the Halftime Show, T-Pain replied,

" Absolutely. Why wouldn't I do that? That's a no-brainer."

T-Pain responded positively when asked if he would perform at the Super Bowl halftime show. He expressed his desire to take the stage. Additionally, he has been vocal about his interest in the gig, having shared a graphic on Instagram with the caption,

"I do got the hits, and tagging the NFL."