Toosii accuses NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal of sending inappropriate DM to rapper’s girlfriend

Rapper Toosii sparks controversy as he calls out NBA Legend Shaq over alleged social media scandal
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Rising rap sensation Toosii has set the internet ablaze with his recent revelation about NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal. The “Love Cycle” rapper took to social media to expose an alleged direct message (DM) from Shaq to his girlfriend, Samaria Davis. The message, dated November 20, 2022, has sparked heated debates and raised eyebrows across the entertainment world.

The alleged DM: Can I have that baby?

Toosii shared a screenshot of the DM, leaving fans stunned. In the message, Shaq reportedly inquired,

" can I have that baby.The context? Davis had recently given birth to their son, Ezrah. The rapper wasted no time expressing his feelings, tweeting, One time this n***a dm Samaria and said ‘let me have that baby’ talking about my son. Weird a** old head."

The controversy unfolds

The drama escalated when My Mixtapez posted photos of Shaq with a woman on a yacht. The post claimed that the woman was 21 years old. However, the exact nature of Shaq’s relationship with her remains unclear. Cartoonist Obi Aris, who knows the woman personally, clarified that she was older than 21 at the time. Aris tweeted,

"So be weary of these pages. They just want clicks."

Toosii’s misunderstanding

Toosii later admitted that he might have misunderstood Shaq’s intentions. In an Instagram Story video, he explained,

"I thought he was talking about something about my son. I just saw ‘baby.’ That’s all I saw, ‘Can I have that baby?’ No comma."

It appears that the rapper initially believed Shaq was expressing interest in his child, not his girlfriend.

While the DM drama continues to unfold, it highlights the complexities of social media interactions. Celebrities, like anyone else, can misinterpret messages, leading to public controversies. Toosii’s decision to share the DM sparked conversations about boundaries, age differences, and the blurred lines between friendly banter and inappropriate advances.

As the entertainment world buzzes with speculation, one thing is clear: Toosii’s accusation has put Shaq in the spotlight. Whether it was a genuine misunderstanding or not, the NBA legend’s DM will undoubtedly be a topic of discussion for days to come. As fans weigh in, we’ll keep an eye on how this scandal unfolds.