Top 10 most savage diss tracks in Hip Hop

Is it coming down to Jay-Z vs Nas?
Is it coming down to Jay-Z vs Nas? / Frazer Harrison/GettyImages
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1. Nas - "Ether"

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This crushes me as a diehard Jay-Z fan, but come on. "Ether" is a blistering response to "Takeover." Nas takes aim at Jay-Z's street credibility, personal life, and career, igniting a fierce battle between the two rap heavyweights. The track is often regarded as a turning point in their feud, with many considering Nas the victor, especially with Jay's eventual response not hitting the heights it needed to. "Ether" is now a verb because of this song, so it's extended itself into the world for people who don't even get the reference. That's power.

Most savage lyric:

"How much of Biggie's rhymes is gonna come out your fat lips"

Nas / Ether