Travis Scott: Candid thoughts on the Grammy Awards and his quest for victory

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Travis Scott, the enigmatic rapper, singer, and record producer, has been a dominant force in the music industry. His meteoric rise has been marked by chart-topping hits, sold-out concerts, and a devoted fan base. But there’s one accolade that continues to elude him: the coveted Grammy Award.

The Grammy dilemma

Travis Scott, born Jacques Bermon Webster II, has been nominated for ten Grammy Awards throughout his career. Yet, despite his immense talent and influence, he has yet to hear his name called during the prestigious ceremony. As he candidly puts it, “It gets rough at times.”

Utopia and the Grammy nomination

Scott’s latest album, Utopia, soared to the top of the charts upon its release. With collaborators like Beyoncé, Drake, and the Weeknd, the album is a testament to his creative prowess. The haunting tracks “MY EYES” and “I KNOW?” showcase Scott’s signature brooding style, while “FE!N” features a fiery collaboration with Playboi Carti.

Travis Scott's recent remarks on "The Shop" shed light on his perspective regarding the Grammy Awards. He expressed a sentiment shared by many of his peers, acknowledging the significance of the award while also recognizing that it's not the sole purpose of creating music.

" You know, I don't make music to win Grammys," he emphasized."

Drawing an analogy to sports, he likened winning a Grammy to winning a Super Bowl or championships in basketball.

" I was crazy because like a lot of my peers I was like you know f**k that award. I f**k with it you know you play football to win a Super Bowl you play basketball to win championships."

"You know, I don't make music to win Grammys but you know, is what that Grammy like used to mean is what I always hold on to is like the idea of music. I love creating music. I think like, you know, we come our generation now we're like, you know, a generation spawn from like, legions of music."

Scott reflected on the evolving significance of the Grammy Awards, noting that while it once held a higher stature, its meaning has shifted over time. Despite the challenges and frustrations he faces, he still believes in the essence of the award and the recognition it represents for artists.

He pointed out the discrepancy in how rap is treated in the Grammy ceremony, highlighting the frustration of being nominated but not seeing the genre represented adequately on television. This misalignment, he suggests, contributes to the disillusionment felt by artists like himself.

"He continued, And as long as you are, you've never won one which is a little crazy, but that also is about what they do with the category of rap. Not putting sh*t on TV, but as crazy as like, you know, raps not on TV, right? "

"So it's like, you know, you sit there and air to show the rap award at like, two or 1:30 But you got to perform at like 8:30 So imagine like losing at 1:30 and having to sit there for seven hours. Like f**k this sh*t. Like I want to just dip f**k this, he added."

His candid remarks capture the dichotomy of reverence and frustration that many artists experience regarding the Grammy Awards. It adds depth to his ongoing quest for recognition in an industry that often grapples with issues of representation and acknowledgment.

The controversial Grammy performance

At the 66th Annual Grammy Awards, Scott took the stage with a performance that left viewers divided. Against a post-apocalyptic backdrop of fog and flames, he delivered a medley of songs from Utopia. But it was his WWE-style chair-smashing finale that raised eyebrows. Some applauded the intensity, while others questioned the decision to feature Scott after the tragic crowd crush at his 2021 Astroworld Festival.

Astroworld and the aftermath

The Astroworld Festival incident, where eight people lost their lives due to compression asphyxia, cast a shadow over Scott’s career. Although he faced multiple lawsuits, he was not indicted. In response, Scott launched Project HEAL in 2022—a charity aimed at improving event safety in local communities.

The Grammy quest continues

As Scott reflects on his Grammy journey, he remains hopeful. “Sometimes things get stuck in old ways,” he muses. Perhaps it’s time for the Grammys to evolve, recognizing artists who push boundaries and redefine genres. For Travis Scott, the quest for that golden gramophone continues. And as he boldly declares, “I wanna win one!”