Travis Scott Opens Up About the Emotional Journey Behind “MY EYES”

A Deep Dive into the Lyrics and Meaning of Travis Scott’s Latest Track
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Travis Scott, the enigmatic rapper and producer, has always been a master of storytelling through his music. His latest track, “MY EYES,” featuring Bon Iver and Sampha, delves into personal experiences, emotions, and the complexities of fame. Let’s dissect the lyrics and uncover the hidden layers behind this soul-stirring anthem.

The Genesis of “MY EYES”

Travis Scott’s “MY EYES” is a standout from his highly anticipated album, Utopia, released on July 28, 2023. Notably, it marks the first collaboration between Scott and Bon Iver, the brainchild of Justin Vernon. Sampha, the UK singer known for his soulful vocals, also joins the mix, adding an extra layer of depth to the track.

"It Just Came Out When I Was Writing," He Says. "Like I Said, It Was A Real Moment.
The Song Is Emotional To Me. It's One Of My Favorite Songs On The Album. And That Verse Means A Lot To Me.

To Know I Have Pain Too. I Have concerns, Things That I Think About, And The Things I See On A Day-To-Day Basis I Think About Them. And Every Day I Want To Find Change In The Things, To Make Things Better, Make Myself Better. It's Just Like: I Go
Through Things Like Everyone Else. And Even Recently Through Something Like I Never Could Imagine

Decoding the Verses

  1. Travis Scott’s Verse: The Enigma UnraveledThe opening verse is cryptic, with Scott alluding to his affinity for marijuana. However, it’s the third verse that resonates. Scott’s braggadocious lines touch on wealth, influence, and his ability to mentor others. Notably, he hints at a desire to have saved a child during the tragic Astroworld Festival incident, where nine-year-old Ezra Blount lost his life.“If I had the chance, I’d save him a child.”
  2. Justin Vernon’s Pre-Chorus: A Love Story?Vernon’s haunting vocals lead the pre-chorus. At first glance, it seems directed toward a romantic interest. But listen closely, and you’ll discover a commitment to someone who takes him to dark places. Love, pain, and vulnerability intertwine.“You take me to places I can’t escape.”
  3. Sampha’s Brief Verse: A Support SystemSampha’s concise lines celebrate an unnamed figure who stands by him. Perhaps a friend, a muse, or a confidante. Their unwavering support keeps him grounded.“You get me by.”

The Enigma of “My Eyes”

The phrase “my eyes” echoes throughout the song, appearing four times. In the chorus, Scott claims there are “10,000 on my eyes.” Is it a metaphor for wealth? Perhaps $10,000 spread across his seat? Or does it hint at deeper introspection?

Remember, music transcends mere words; it’s an emotional journey. Travis Scott invites us to see through his eyes, even when the view is blurred by fame and pain.