Travis Scott's revealing college essay resurfaces, discussing Kid Cudi, Big Sean, and Ye

Unearthing the origins of GOOD Music: A look at Kid Cudi, Big Sean, and Kanye West
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In a surprising twist, an essay penned by none other than Travis Scott during his college days has recently resurfaced. The four-page paper, dated December 5th, 2009, appears to have been written for an English professor. As we delve into Scott’s musings, we gain insight into the early careers of two influential rappers: Kid Cudi and Big Sean.

The genesis of GOOD Music

Scott’s essay, aptly titled “Good Music,” opens with the assertion that “good music is known all around the world.” While the capitalization and spelling may leave something to be desired, the sentiment rings true. He proceeds to provide a preliminary overview of the careers of Kid Cudi and Big Sean, both of whom were signed to Kanye West’s label, GOOD Music.

Kid Cudi: The man on the moon

Scott describes Kid Cudi as a well-known rapper with a unique message. Cudi’s upbringing and struggles shaped his artistry, leading him to create music that resonated with listeners. His debut album, “Man on the Moon: The End of Day,” explored themes of mental health, self-discovery, and vulnerability. Scott acknowledges Cudi’s impact on the industry, emphasizing that music became the bridge connecting their disparate worlds.

Big Sean: From mixtapes to stardom

Next, Scott turns his attention to Big Sean, another rising star under GOOD Music. He recounts Sean’s journey from mixtapes to mainstream success. Sean’s lyrical prowess and distinctive flow caught the attention of Kanye West, who recognized his potential. Scott quotes Sean’s words:

"Success is not something that is given; you must go out and take what you want."

Indeed, Sean’s hustle paid off, and his debut album was eagerly anticipated.

Kanye West’s role

Scott doesn’t shy away from discussing Kanye West’s pivotal role in shaping both artists’ careers. He reveals that Kanye asked Cudi for material, prompting the latter to create a mixtape. The collaboration between Kanye and Cudi laid the foundation for GOOD Music’s legacy. As for Big Sean, Scott hints at an upcoming album, adding to the anticipation surrounding the label.