Tyreek Hill calls out Rick Ross for filming his burning mansion: A fiery feud in Miami

When flames engulfed Hill’s home, Ross opted for Instagram live instead of assistance
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In a heated clash between hip-hop and football royalty, Tyreek Hill, the superstar wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins, has publicly called out rap legend Rick Ross. The bone of contention? Ross’s questionable actions when Hill’s mansion went up in flames on January 3.

The blaze chronicles

As the inferno consumed Hill’s luxurious abode, Ross, who happens to be Hill’s neighbor in the sun-soaked streets of Miami, made an unexpected choice. Instead of rushing to lend a helping hand, he whipped out his phone and went live on Instagram. The result? A real-time spectacle of Hill’s burning house, complete with Ross’s speculative commentary on the fire’s cause.

Hill, understandably irate, took to social media to vent his frustration.

"First off, I just wanna say, Rick Ross, bro, I can’t…,"

Hill began, his voice laced with incredulity. The football phenom expressed disappointment that Ross prioritized documenting the disaster over offering assistance during the critical moments.

" I just wanna say, Rick Ross, I can’t vibe with you. I can’t f*ck with you no more, bro. You ain’t even come over. You had the audacity to talk to a fireman, you got my number. You get on Twitter, post me all over Twitter after what me and my family went through. You supposed to be the neighborhood hero."

A neighborly dispute

The incident has ignited a fiery feud between the two high-profile neighbors. Hill, known for his agility on the field, expected more from Ross, who boasts a different kind of fame—the kind that reverberates through the beats of his music. But when the flames danced menacingly, Ross chose pixels over compassion.

The costly blaze

Hill’s mansion, nestled in the upscale enclave of Southwest Ranches, suffered extensive damage. The fire’s wrath left behind a staggering $2 million in destruction. Yet, Hill remains remarkably composed. His family emerged unscathed, and for that, he’s grateful. Material possessions can be rebuilt, but lives cannot.

Ross’s defense

In defense of his actions, Ross later attempted to explain his decision.

"Look, man,” he said in a video posted on his own Instagram. “I was just trying to capture the moment, you feel me? Document history. Plus, I didn’t wanna get in the way of the firefighters and all that."

"I wasn’t picking on you at all,” he said. “First of all, I’m assuming you are All Pro wealthy. Great homeowners insurance, who go get new porcelain floors, marble walls, pillars; so it ain’t nothing to pick on you about."

But Hill isn’t buying it.

"You’re supposed to be my neighbor,” he retorted. “Neighbors help each other out. You don’t livestream their damn house burning down!"

As the smoke clears and the embers cool, the feud continues to smolder. Hill’s frustration is palpable, and Ross’s Instagram Live will forever be etched in the annals of bizarre celebrity behavior. Whether this rift will heal or escalate into a full-blown lyrical battle remains to be seen.