Unveiling the 50 Cent-Diddy beef: Benzino's love triangle revelation

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The hip-hop world has been buzzing with speculation about the longstanding beef between 50 Cent and Diddy. While their feud has played out publicly over the years, there’s more to it than meets the eye. According to Benzino, former editor of The Source magazine, there’s a hidden reason behind 50 Cent’s animosity toward Diddy—one that involves a love triangle.

The woman at the center of it all: Daphne Joy

Benzino claims that the root cause of the tension between 50 Cent and Diddy lies in their romantic entanglement with the same woman: Daphne Joy. Let’s break it down:

  1. 50 Cent and Daphne Joy:50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) shares a child with Daphne Joy, a model and actress.Their relationship ended, but lingering feelings remained.
  2. Diddy and Daphne Joy:After her split from 50 Cent, Daphne Joy began dating Diddy (Sean Combs).This love triangle set the stage for drama.

Benzino’s theory: “Salty” feelings

Benzino doesn’t mince words. He believes that 50 Cent’s ongoing shots at Diddy stem from his unresolved emotions regarding Daphne Joy. In an interview on the We In Miami podcast, Benzino explained:

"When you see the circumstances of Diddy messing with his baby mother, you know that has a lot to do with it. If me and my girl break up, and then, two months later, he’s banging out my girl, then, I might still have feelings for my girl."

In other words, 50 Cent’s salty attitude isn’t just about moral outrage—it’s personal. Benzino acknowledges that many people might try to downplay these feelings, but they’re real. The G-Unit honcho’s ongoing jabs at Diddy are fueled by jealousy and unresolved emotions.

50 Cent’s denial

It’s worth noting that 50 Cent has publicly denied any lingering feelings for Daphne Joy. In a recent Twitter exchange, he clarified:

"Me and Puff fight over business sh*t. If he likes the girl, he likes the girl—I don’t give a f**k!"

While the 50 Cent and Diddy beef has taken various forms over the years, Benzino’s theory sheds light on the personal dynamics that drive their ongoing feud. Whether it’s jealousy, pride, or unresolved emotions, one thing is clear: The love triangle involving Daphne Joy continues to fuel the fire between these hip-hop heavyweights.