Usher was not Beyoncé’s nanny, but her chaperone

The R&B star sets the record straight about his role in Queen Bey’s early career
The City Of Las Vegas Honors Usher During Special Presentation
The City Of Las Vegas Honors Usher During Special Presentation / Ethan Miller/GettyImages

Usher is one of the most successful R&B singers of all time, with over 80 million records sold worldwide and eight Grammy Awards to his name. He is also set to headline the Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show on Feb. 11, 2024, where he will showcase his amazing vocals and dance moves.

But before he became a global superstar, Usher was a young aspiring artist who had a connection with another future icon: Beyoncé. The two met when they were teenagers, and Usher recently revealed that he used to watch over Beyoncé and her group, The Dolls, before they became Destiny’s Child.

However, some media outlets have twisted his words and claimed that he was Beyoncé’s nanny, which Usher denied and clarified in a recent interview with Shannon Sharpe on the Club Shay Shay podcast.

Usher was a temporary authority figure for Beyoncé and The Dolls

Usher explained that he met Beyoncé when she was part of a girl group called The Dolls, which was managed by Daryl Simmons, a producer and songwriter who worked with Usher. The Dolls came to Atlanta for the first time, and Usher was asked to look after them while they were doing something in the house.

"I think I looked over them while they [were] doing something in the house; I had to watch over 'cause I was like the, you know, the authority 'cause I guess I was the teenager at the time, Usher said."

He added that he was not a nanny or a manny, but rather a chaperone who made sure that they did not get into any trouble. He also said that he did not know that Beyoncé would become one of the biggest stars in the world, but he noticed that she had a talent and a brightness that was different from others.

"[It’s] really great for my sister, to see that she’s done so amazing and continue to thrive and just get bigger and better, Usher gushed about Beyoncé’s success."

Usher and Beyoncé have remained friends and collaborators over the years

Usher and Beyoncé have maintained a friendship and a professional relationship over the years, as they have collaborated on several projects and supported each other’s careers. In 2003, Usher appeared as the lead in Beyoncé’s music video for “Naughty Girl”, where they showed off their chemistry and dancing skills. In 2008, they performed a duet of “Love in This Club Part II” at the BET Awards, where they wowed the audience with their vocals and stage presence.

Usher has also praised Beyoncé for her impact on the music industry and the culture, as well as her philanthropic efforts and her role as a mother of three. He has expressed his admiration and respect for her many times, and has called her his sister.

Usher and Beyoncé are two of the most influential and talented artists of their generation, and they have a history that goes back to their humble beginnings. They are not only colleagues, but also friends who have shared their journeys and achievements with each other.