Smith stands firm with Drake over Kendrick Lamar

The ongoing rap beef: Stephen A. Smith’s takes
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In the ever-evolving world of hip-hop, there’s a debate that refuses to die down: Drake vs. Kendrick Lamar. Two titans of the rap game, each with their own unique style and fervent fan base. But when it comes to choosing sides, Stephen A. Smith, the renowned sports radio host, has made his stance clear: he’s rolling with Drizzy.

The showdown: Kendrick vs. Drake

Recently, during an episode of Drink Champs, N.O.R.E. posed the ultimate question to Stephen A.: “Who would you pick in the rap beef to end all rap beefs: Kendrick Lamar or Drake?” The anticipation was palpable. The stakes were high. And Stephen A. didn’t hesitate.

"First of all, he began, major props to both of them.Acknowledging their immense talent, he continued, I’m gonna go with Drake because even though everybody knows Kendrick Lamarand how gifted he is, you got too many people periodically trying to come at Drake, and he’s always standing."

The impenetrable Drizzy

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What makes Drake seemingly impenetrable? Stephen A. breaks it down:

"It could be the look, it could be how he communicates, it could be his flavor—it could be anything. But Drake damn near seems impenetrable, and what I take from Drake is, I don’t hear too many people coming at Kendrick Lamar."

Sympathy for Drake’s plight

At the heart of Stephen A.'s choice lies empathy.

"Everybody always trying to come at Drake,” he explains. “And, obviously, I can relate to that."

It’s a sentiment that resonates with anyone who’s faced relentless scrutiny and criticism. Drake, despite his astronomical success, remains a target for detractors.

The unanswered challenge

Kendrick Lamar
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Kendrick Lamar, on the other hand, has faced his fair share of battles. His lyrical prowess and thought-provoking content have solidified his place in hip-hop history. Yet, as Stephen A. points out, the attacks on Kendrick are fewer and farther between. Perhaps it’s a testament to his artistry or the respect he commands.

Who is the better lyricist: Kendrick or Drake?

Kendrick Lamar and Drake—two lyrical juggernauts who’ve etched their names into hip-hop’s hallowed halls. The debate rages on, and opinions are as diverse as the beats they rhyme over. But let’s dive into the lyrical labyrinth and dissect their poetic prowess.

Kendrick Lamar: The wordsmith extraordinaire

When Kendrick Lamar steps to the mic, he brings a cerebral intensity that’s unmatched. His verses are like intricate puzzles, each line a piece that fits perfectly into the grand design. His storytelling ability is akin to a master painter—vivid strokes that create entire worlds. From “good kid, m.A.A.d city” to “To Pimp a Butterfly,” Kendrick’s albums read like novels, exploring societal ills, personal struggles, and the Black experience. His metaphors are layered, his flow intricate, and his impact immeasurable.

Drake: The chameleon of emotion

Enter Drake, the Canadian maestro who effortlessly straddles the line between rap and R&B. His lyrics are snapshots of life—raw, vulnerable, and relatable. Whether he’s flexing his success or baring his soul, Drizzy’s pen game is formidable. His versatility allows him to switch from braggadocio to introspection seamlessly. And let’s not forget his knack for crafting unforgettable hooks—the kind that stick to your brain like catchy jingles. From “Take Care” to “Scorpion,” Drake’s discography is a rollercoaster of emotions.

Choosing between Kendrick and Drake is like picking your favorite color—subjective and deeply personal. Kendrick’s intricate wordplay and socio-political commentary resonate with those hungry for substance. Meanwhile, Drake’s emotional vulnerability and infectious melodies appeal to the masses. It’s apples and oranges, really.

So, there you have it. Stephen A. Smith, the man who’s dissected sports debates for years, has weighed in on the rap arena. His verdict? Drake takes the crown. But this isn’t the end of the story. The rap world is unpredictable, and as long as these two giants continue to create, the debate will rage on.

So, who’s the better lyricist? Both. They occupy different corners of the lyrical universe, and we’re lucky to witness their brilliance. Let’s celebrate their distinct flavors and keep the debate alive. After all, hip-hop thrives on diversity.