Ye discusses the creation of the 'Like That' remix and reacts to J Cole's apology

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In a surprising twist,Ye has entered the hip-hop arena with a fiery remix of Future and Metro Boomin’s Kendrick Lamar-assisted track, “Like That.” The remix has sparked controversy and reignited beef between Ye, J. Cole, and Drake. Let’s dive into the details and explore why Ye’s verse has everyone talking.

In a recent interview, Ye disclosed how Future invited him to the studio for the creation of 'Like That,' with the intention of sidelining Drake, Ye disclosed.

The verse

Ye kicks off the track by declaring,

"You know we had to get The Hooligans up here. We gon’ take this p**** n*** out. Yo, Dot, I got you."

His opening lines set the tone for what’s to come.

"He continues, Shouldn’t have never let me get money again. On my Katt Williams when they get funny again. Yeah, you see they tried to count me out, I like that. We just hit a number one, we right back."

But it’s the subsequent lines that have fans buzzing. Ye takes aim at both Drake and J. Cole. He alludes to Drake’s lifetime deal with Universal Music Group, saying,

"It’s a wrap for ngas. Where’s Lucian? Serve your master, n**g*. You caught a little bag for your masters, didn’t ya’? Lifetime deal, I feel bad for n**g*s."

And then, he throws a direct jab at J. Cole:

" Y’all so outta sight, outta mind. I can’t even think of a Drake line. Play J. Cole, get the p**sy dry. The reference to J. Cole’s music causing dryness is both bold and provocative."

Ye on Cole apologizing to Kendrick Lamar

Every time you share, it's like diving into a sea of irrelevant drama. It's akin to watching David J. Cole publicly apologize to Kendrick Cooke—what a load of nonsense. It's like people believe J. Cole embarked on a world tour with Drake, when in reality, it's just a bunch of noise.

You'd think they'd understand that mentioning Cole and Drake in the same breath is like mixing oil and water—completely incompatible. But no, they'll go on about it as if it's the most profound revelation. And let's not even get started on rap beef. It's like the wild west out there, with rules that make absolutely no sense.

Honestly, I couldn't care less about J. Cole's latest tracks. I wouldn't even know about them if someone didn't mention his song "False Idols," supposedly half-directed at me.

J. Cole’s response

J. Cole was quick to react. He initially dropped a diss track titled “7 Minute Drill” but later removed it from streaming platforms, citing that it disturbed his peace and went against the person he is. Perhaps J. Cole is taking the high road, but fans are eagerly waiting to see how this unfolds.

"It's okay, I had bad energy back then on False Prophets, I may deserve this. Now I know he is Lisan Al Gaib, it's all love, also the song is very good and beat is hard."

Ye’s “Like That” remix has injected new energy into the hip-hop scene. Whether you’re Team Ye, Team J. Cole, or Team Drake, one thing is certain: the beef is far from over. Stay tuned for more updates as the drama continues to unfold.