Young Zee of Outsidaz claims he influence Eminem's 'rap god' mastery

Young Zee of Outsidaz claims responsibility for Eminem's 'rap god' skills
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Young Zee, a key member of the hip-hop group Outsidaz, has recently asserted his pivotal role in shaping Eminem's 'Rap God' skills. In a revealing interview with Off the Cuff Radio, the New Jersey legend recounted his mentorship of Eminem in the late 90s, claiming to have played a significant part in the birth of Slim Shady's extraordinary rap abilities.

During the interview, Young Zee shared a conversation with KRS-One, who, acknowledging Eminem as a rap deity, posed the question.

"If Eminem is a God of rap, what does that make you? KRS-One asked"

Zee affirmed the impact of his guidance on Eminem's early years, particularly during the time when the aspiring artist, then a "little fat white kid," stayed at Zee's house in New Jersey. According to Zee, this period was crucial in perfecting Eminem's skills and birthing his new, distinctive style, as referenced by KRS-One.

"When I was f**king with Eminem…first of all, he was just a little fat white kid,” Zee began. I started working with him. He was rhyming, of course. But when he came to Jersey and stayed at my house, we started perfecting his skills. So basically, I birthed his new skills. And so, that’s why KRS-One said that to me."

The connection between Young Zee and Eminem dates back to the late 90s when Eminem was associated with the Outsidaz. This relationship provided Eminem with a platform to develop his skills and establish his unique style, evident in collaborations such as "Rush Ya Clique" and the unreleased track "Macosa".

The hosts of the show highlighted the transformation in Eminem's style, noting the stark difference between the artist of the 'Infinite' era and the one who captured the public's attention a few years later. Young Zee acknowledged the influence and asserted:

"Nobody can't take that away. They try and hide the files, but they can't take it away. I was there"

Young Zee's claim has ignited reactions within the hip-hop community, with some fans and artists acknowledging the influence of the Outsidaz on Eminem's early career. However, questions linger about the extent of this influence on Eminem's later success, especially considering the 'Rap God' phenomenon that emerged in 2013.

In conclusion, Young Zee's recent claims add depth to the ongoing discussion surrounding Eminem's development as a rap icon. The Outsidaz connection continues to be a focal point in understanding the evolution of Eminem's skills, especially in the creation of the acclaimed 'Rap God.'

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