The 50 Best Kanye West Songs Ever

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50. Only One

Release Date: December 31, 2014

Album: Non-album single

Writer(s): Kanye West, Paul McCartney, Kirby Lauryen, Mike Dean, Noah Goldstein, Donda West

Producer(s): Paul McCartney, Mike Dean

Notable Lyric:

And though I didn’t pick the day to turn the page /

I know it’s not the end every time I see her face”

Let’s be polite and call this one of Kanye’s “transitional” songs. Which isn’t to say that it’s bad — it’s actually a good song, just not exactly the most Kanye thing he’s ever produced.

“Only One” was released just as the world began to clamor for more material, about a year or so after the glow surrounding Yeezus began to fade. It suggested that Kanye might once again be branching out into uncharted waters.

A lot of this new distinct sound clearly stemmed from Kanye’s partnership with rock legend Paul McCartney. The erstwhile Beatle’s sonic presence is very evident here, as it was on “FourFiveSeconds,” released not too long after “Only One.”

The new sound turned out to be red herring though. The album Kanye eventually released, The Life of Pablo, did not include “Only One,” or anything that sounded much like it.

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