The 50 Best Kanye West Songs Ever

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49. Impossible

Release Date: May 9, 2006

Album: Mission Impossible III Soundtrack

Writer(s): ???

Producer(s): ???

Notable Lyric:

“No matter what I do, see I been waitin’ all my, waitin’ all my life, yeah

And I know I stayed on my grind, I know I stayed on my grind

It’s impossible for me to fail baby, I gotta keep on movin’

Gotta keep on movin’, it’s impossible”

It’s fair to say that “Impossible” is among the lesser known, and thus lesser appreciated, tracks in Kanye’s library.

The Mission: Impossible movies that have been churned out at a reliable pace since the mid-1990s have never exactly been defined by a song or a soundtrack, at least not in the same way that James Bond movies are. Their familiar score is enough for most audiences, which is why it was peculiar when an original Kanye track was commissioned for the third movie in the series in 2006.

The song didn’t feature in the movie proper, and was only played late in the post-movie credits sequence. Still, it’s a decent song. Kanye tries his best to stay on theme, but can’t help but veer off on predictable tangents.

Unfortunately, it’s virtually impossible to find the song in an uncensored format, as only the radio edit exists on streaming services.

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