J Passion flies rap and hip hop flag in Uppsala for Sweden


Johannes Passion (who refers to himself as J Passion in his songs) is one of Sweden’s hottest prospects when it comes to the rap and hip hop game.

The rapper hails from Uppsala in Sweden and he is yet to make waves in the industry despite the fact he deserves your attention.

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On my recent travels around Europe, I saw amazing new places while enjoying plenty of good food and beer. One thing lacking, however, was the discovery of new music.

That was until my friend introduced me to a local artist she knew: J Passion. From previous experience, a friend of a friend’s music is either brilliant or terrible — nowhere in between.

J Passion is on the fortunate end of that spectrum with big numbers like “Pulling Us” and “Sunlight” demonstrating his obvious talent. “La La La” remixes Chance The Rapper’s track “Acid Rain” — one of the Chicago rapper’s finest efforts.

J Passion storms the streets flares in either hand

Before getting into the real track, it’s important to appreciate the production value of the above video for “Pulling Us”. It looks better than some big budget videos; keep an eye out for the video’s climax in which J Passion storms the streets with flares in both hands.

The track itself has a slow, big beat which Passion sings and raps over flawlessly. Each chorus features a strong vocal feature — which adds a different element to the song.

This is not what the video of an unknown artist often looks like but attention to detail is clearly important for J Passion.

“Sunlight” is the track that really demonstrates Passion’s ability. It opens with a catchy instrumental and beat which Passion sings over with lines like “My thoughts so f***ing dark I need a flashlight.”

This breaks down to leave the inkling of a dance track beat but then J Passion re-enters the track with some bars that steadily gets faster and more complex.

J Passion has the potential to make it big; go check out his SoundCloud here and spread the word.