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Artist – Spose

Years Active – 2004-Present

Notable Track – “The King of Maine”

Sample Rhyme:

“I’m from the 420 minus 213

I’m on the throne if you’re looking for who to unseat

I got moose blood in my goblet, lobsters in my optics

I’m live on the map where the dudes don’t rap”

For those readers who have not experienced the pleasures of Maine: Spose is the kind of rapper you might expect from the Lower 48’s northernmost state.

The Wells native essentially provides us with a turbo-powered, slightly more sincere version of Idaho’s official state rap (see above). He’s a professional though, and goes about making a case for his home state with some skill.

Again, though, it falls into the same category of music as Idaho’s song. It’s a joke, told specifically for the people of Maine to understand and for the rest of us to kind of shrug off confusedly.

Based on the YouTube comments though, Spose seems to nail what makes Maine Maine, and even to us outsiders it’s clear that he’s got the skill to succeed, even coming from as small a market as the Pine Tree State.

Spose’s fourth album Why Am I So Happy?  came out in 2015, so clearly he’s doing something right.

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