Travis Scott inadvertently releases ‘Days Before Birds’ before taking it down


Travis Scott released a new album called ‘Days Before Birds.’ He has stated that this was not intentional and since had it removed from streaming services.

Rapper Travis Scott had apparently dropped new music in a surprise release called Days Before BirdsHowever, it seems that this album leaked against the artist’s wishes.

Subsequently, it does not appear on the majority of streaming services that it featured on very briefly before it was taken down.

I was scrolling through Facebook, and someone was talking about the new Travis Scott music. I realized “I didn’t know about this” so I went to check out Spotify and Google to see what was up.

First, I hit up Spotify and found a brand new Travis Scott record to please my ears. Then, I checked out Google and apparently this album did not exist anywhere online.

Queue me hitting the “offline mode” option on my Spotify and potentially sticking it to Travis Scott. After listening to it, however, I’m not sure I ever want to take offline mode off.

As you can see from the above tweet, Scott is claiming to have no part in the release of this music. It is full of great songs with great features though so maybe it’s just a brilliant media stunt.

According to some sites, the music on the record includes leaked tracks that surfaced before his most recent release Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight (via HotnewHipHop).

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If you can get your hands on this record/project (whatever you want to call it), I would highly recommend it. It’s packed with some fantastic tracks.

The opening track “Black Mass” is sublime but it does not feel like the intro to a project. That is also something quite familiar with rappers nowadays.

At the end of the track, a radio announcer comes in which further suggests this is not a valid release. But features from PARTYNEXTDOOR, Migos and Wale add some class.

“Hot Sauce” (featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR) is excellent while the Migos feature on “Oh Me Oh My” leads listeners to believe this album is not one for the trash can.

Personally, I think we should petition for Days Before Birds to remain a Travis Scott release because it’s full of brilliant tracks.