J. Cole allegedly takes shots at Lil Pump on new album KOD


J. Cole has allegedly taken shots at 17-year old MC, Lil Pump, on his new record ‘KOD’. Listen to Cole let loose on “1985 – Intro to “The Fall Off” at Rhyme Junkie.

Last week one of hip hop’s finest, J. Cole, released his fifth studio album, ‘KOD‘ which stands for “Kids On Drugs.” Unsurprisingly the album is full of tracks with strong and meaningful messages.

However one track, “1985 – Intro to “The Fall Off,” has a message that many believe is aimed at 17-year old Miami rapper Lil Pump.

Now J. Cole isn’t one to pick fights with other rappers for no reason and many believe his beef stems from an unreleased Lil Pump track “F*** J. Cole” which doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

Lil Pump is never named in the track but the picture that Cole paints suggest it’s the Miami MC that he’s talking about. The Dreamville rapper goes after Lil Pump over a simple beat and chimes that may represent Pump’s limited time left in the hip hop game.

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J. Cole seems like one of the most respectful rappers in the game but on this track he doesn’t hold back with his reply to Lil Pump.  Cole shares some life advice for the Miami rapper, criticizes his music and paints a picture of what his future could hold.

There are some fantastic lines in this three minute track but here are a few standouts:

"“Congrats ’cause you made it out your mama’s house, I hope you make enough to buy your mom a house”"

"“I’m hoping for your sake that you ain’t dumb as you look.”"

"“Just remember what I told you when your shit flop, In five years you gon’ be on Love & Hip-Hop.”"

J. Cole delivers all of these lines with a calm demeanor but you can hear the aggression in his voice. Many thought this track would force a reply from Lil Pump in the form of another diss track but instead the young rapper just posted a reaction which you can watch below.


Pump acts like J. Cole’s diss track means nothing to him but we all know he’s hurting inside. Perhaps the young rapper will think twice before he goes after one of the game’s greats again.

If Lil Pump does muster the courage to come back at Cole with a proper reply then we’ll have it covered here at Rhyme Junkie. For now though J. Cole has delivered a knock-out blow to Lil Pump.

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