Is Tupac Alive In Cuba?


For years, many have speculated Tupac’s death as a fabrication and that he spends his days in the island of Cuba. Do we finally have the confirmation to the myth that is Tupac Shakur? Michael Nice exposes the evidence.

The tale of Tupac is one that transcends the test of time. His apparent ‘death’ after being shot on the Las Vegas Strip in 1996 sent shockwaves around the world. A legend before his time, gifted with the ability to manipulate words into poetic renditions of oppression, gang warfare, and wisdom.

A prolific MC, paving the way for many whose careers have been molded by the influence of his music. The ‘late’ great icon would not live to see the pinnacle upon which he is now exalted, or so, we thought.

Michael Nice, a bodyguard connoisseur of sorts, now turned conspiracy theorist extraordinaire. His resume boasts of impressive security detail employments – mainly being part of the security team for The Black Panthers political party in the 1990s, which is at the epicenter of the rescue mission for the ‘Changes’ rapper.

According to his claims, The Black Panthers caught wind of the soon to be assassination of Pac and required his expertise to not only embark on a quest to save the rappers life, but fake his death in the process.

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In the video recorded by Michael, he releases some pertinent information on the actual happenings the night Pac was allegedly shot and murdered. Actually, he says the rapper was only injured the night of the shooting and managed to escape the country via his help. He details the movie-like plot in their attempt and success in conserving the legend’s life.

"“It was me, my brother, the pilot, Tupac as the co-pilot and two Panther guys on the jet.” “We took off and immediately knew we were safe, we felt good and it was like escaping from prison.” “There were hugs and handshakes when we finally managed to get him to Barbados.”"

Michael then went on to instigate that once they arrived safely in Barbados his brother took hold of the helm and “escorted Pac to Cuba,” after which he shows supposed footage from the plane as supporting evidence to his claims.

One thing he said to reporters at TMZ that made me find hope in the account of ‘his’ truth of what happened to Pac and where he currently resides was, “Why you think nobody been arrested if they said they the one that killed Tupac?” “Because Tupac is not dead. If he was dead, they’d be arresting those dudes for murder.” Hmmm…

Twenty years in the making, a long history of conspiracies and theories about the whereabouts of Tupac Shakur – has the mystery finally been exposed? The release of the Carter V has taught me never to give up hope, even when all seems hopeless, and with the documented play-by-play of the plan hatched to swish Pac from the hands of his assassins, I can’t help, but look out, for the return of Tupac Shakur.