50 Cent Partners With Bellator

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson – Mr “Get The Strap”, Mr. “Start Beef With Me And Its Beef Till I Die”, Mr. “Get Rich Or Die Trying, Get Rich, File For Bankruptcy, And Get Back Rich Again.”  Whatever you may call him, one truth is irrefutable – the guy makes more business moves than James Brown on the dance floor (R.I.P James Brown).

September 27, 2018, marks another monumental business win for Mr Jackson. On a recent hot press release, Bellator MMA, a global combat sports leader owned by Viacom, announced their partnership with none other than the entrepreneurial veteran 50 cent himself. This joint venture revolves around a licensing deal featuring a new apparel line based upon Jackson’s popular “Get The Strap” trademark and integrating Jackson’s elite champagne brand, Le Chemin du Roi in future Bellator events.

Looking back, it makes you wonder if 50 had it planned all along. Months before inking this deal he craftily programmed the masses to what was to become his ascent in MMA franchise by branding every social media post with his trademark phrase “Get The Strap” and his champagne brand Le Chemin du Roi.

Before we even knew it, the world was yelling “get the strap” in the face of adversity, whether being hoodwinked into buying jewelry that will inevitably have you looking like the green goblin or seeing Tariq survive the 5th season of Power. Le Chemin du Roi hashtags subliminally peaked our curiosity and had us waiting for this moment without even knowing we were waiting for this moment. A modern day social media marketing genius, I tell you!

And in a perfect business sportsmanship fashion-pun intended, with the launch of the fashionable and edgy global line and all – the press release talks of “the passionate and knowledgeable MMA fan, Jackson already agreeing to re-invest a portion of his deal by offering one million dollars in cash to the winner of the upcoming Bellator Welterweight World Grand Prix that will air exclusively on DAZN.”

Is this the prequel to 50’s takeover in the MMA world? One might ask. But I respond, does the moon not look like the nature’s disco ball. Does Kanye not love Kanye more than Kanye loves Kanye. Has Chick-fil-A ever had a bad review?