The fight over Rob Kardashian wages on


Things are getting messy between Alexis Skyy and Blac Chyna.

They say three’s a crowd, especially when it comes to love and the recently exposed relationship between Alexis Skyy and Rob Kardashian is heating up but not without it’s fair share of drama between Rob’s new boo, ex boo, and one of Fetty Wap’s six baby mamas Lezhae Lowder?

Isn’t it too soon for drama and what’s the connection between all three women?  Though Rob Kardashian is experienced with this type of relationship chaos, it’s all too much and too frivolous to keep up with so we’ll try and break it down for you.

Just days after publicly professing their love for each other and sharing kissy face emoji covered photos on social media of an evening in at what appears to be the Calabasas Kardashian home with a home cooked meal and a table for two, Blac Chyna’s current boyfriend couldn’t help but bait her into an online war of words in her comment section by saying,

"“You really with Rob’s fat ass for love or is it just for clout?”"

To which she took the bait and replied,

"“You with Chyna to sell her coke or just sniff it with her?  And to answer your question…I love Rob.”"

Yes folks, these are the things that fighting words and poor conflict resolution skills are made of and that’s when it took a turn.  At a Los Angeles party, things got physical when a fight ensued between Chyna and Skyy.  Rumor has it that Chyna invited her to the occasion to sort things out but nothing of the sort happened.

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In a viral video from inside the private gathering, Skyy is seen chasing Chyna before people intervened to hold her back.  The 24 year-old reality television cast member of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, New York, and baby mama to rapper Fetty Wap claimed the melee ensued after a drink was thrown at her by Chyna.

How does the arrest of Lezhae Lowder, the White Castle riot, and alleged knife attack fit in to all of this?  Just watch the video.  They’re unrelated incidents with the only common denominator being Alexis.  Perhaps it’s time for Rob and Fetty to have a sit-down with a therapist and invite their collection of women?  While the fight may not be “over” Rob Kardashian, he’s certainly caught up in the middle.