Blac Chyna Makes Her Rapping Debut with ‘Deserve’

Ever google ‘Blac Chyna?’ Whatever the headline may read, toxicity seems to follow and cloud her name.  From friends to family to ex-lovers and now music reviews.

Having to constantly remain hard-wired to operate in stress mode is an exhausting way of life.  Thirty year-old Blac Chyna now makes her rapping debut with the help of producer HitMaka and fellow music industry big hitters Jeremih and Yo Gotti for her new single ‘Deserve.’

People were quick to offer their unsolicited critique via social media though it was some time ago that she hinted at a possible venture into the world of hip-hop, telling XXL magazine,

“My fears going into this are for people not to take me serious.  Of course they’re going to talk whether it be good or bad.  To anybody that is for or against me, just keep an open eye, an open heart, and an open ear.”

It’s extremely difficult to enjoy and gauge life from a hopeful vantage point when you’re getting electrocuted from all sides of the coin and since when in the history of life has anyone entered into anything and they didn’t start out a novice?  Let that girl breathe and don’t write her off so quickly.

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First, there was the highly publicized drama and eventual engagement call-off between her and the father of her child Rob Kardashian.  It played out for much of the world to see between 2016 and 2017.  The affairs unfolded over social media which culminated in Rob leaking personal and explicit photos of Chyna which eventually led to the dissolution of their relationship, lawyer involvement, and court clap back.

Then there’s her toxic and unhealthy relationship with her mother Tokyo Toni who, in a moment of ignorance and lack of self-control, took to social media to share her unsolicited opinion on the estrangement between her and her grandchildren as well as Blac Chyna’s refusal to financially fund her dreams of becoming an author.

Talking to Instagram Live viewers or anyone that would listen, she stated that Chyna was “a mistake and a statutory rape baby.”

Whether naysayers believe the track was hot or not matters none.  In truth, she’s deserving of her debut moment just as anyone is.

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