How Nicki Minaj, Future and other superstars became unwitting pawns in a million-dollar fraud

The Meadows Music & Arts Festival - Day 2
The Meadows Music & Arts Festival - Day 2 / Taylor Hill/GettyImages

In a jaw-dropping turn of events, rap icons Nicki Minaj and Future have found themselves unwittingly entangled in a colossal concert fraud orchestrated by Carlos Desean Goodspeed. This shocking revelation has sent shockwaves through both the music industry and the world of investments.

The glamourous mirage

Goodspeed, operating under the guise of "Straight Like That Entertainment," lured investors with promises of a star-studded concert tour featuring A-list artists like Nicki Minaj and Future. With visions of sold-out shows and massive profits dancing in their heads, investors eagerly poured money into Goodspeed's deceptive scheme.

The allure of false promises

Picture this: Goodspeed, a master manipulator, painted a vivid picture of packed arenas, adoring fans, and exclusive access to music royalty. Investors were seduced by the prospect of doubling their investments in no time. It was a tantalizing offer that proved too good to be true.

The phantom concert tour

Goodspeed allegedly siphoned off the funds for personal use, leaving behind a trail of broken promises and shattered dreams. There were no concerts, no music, and certainly no returns for the investors. The concert tour turned out to be nothing but a cruel hoax.

Following the money trail

In a shocking revelation, it was uncovered that Goodspeed misappropriated a staggering $400,000 from one victim in July 2018, claiming it was for the Nicki Minaj and Future tour. Instead, he diverted a significant portion of the funds for his own expenses, leaving the investor in a state of disbelief and financial loss.

The million-dollar scam

The deceit didn't stop there. In January 2022, Goodspeed swindled another investor out of $50,000 under the guise of purchasing tickets and suites for an upcoming Tyler, the Creator show. Once again, the promised returns failed to materialize, resulting in a collective loss of over one million dollars for the victims.

Facing legal consequences

The elaborate facade constructed by Goodspeed eventually crumbled, leading to his indictment on three counts of wire fraud on April 16. His arrest at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport marked the end of his fraudulent escapade. If found guilty, he could potentially face a lengthy prison sentence of up to 60 years, a stark reminder of the consequences of financial deception.

As fans and investors come to terms with this shocking revelation, it serves as a poignant reminder to exercise caution and due diligence when presented with investment opportunities, especially within the entertainment realm. The cautionary tale of Goodspeed's deception serves as a stark warning against falling prey to the allure of quick riches.