Blac Chyna & Soulja Boy find real love in a fake scheme?


Boy how time flies when you’re staging a fake relationship just to p** off one of your former flames.

Blac Chyna has a lot going on in and out of her dating life and still, the dark cloud of drama continues to follow her.  She’s currently locked in a legal battle with the entire Kardashian family – Kris, Kylie, Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney – where a judge granted the 30 year-old public figure her day to be heard in court by a jury who will hear the case against the Kardashian clan who is claimed to have singularly had a hand in the cancelling of E!’s Rob & Chyna. 

Which is an odd lawsuit in some ways but we live in a litigious world where people are quick to sue for profit.  If you recall the last time you were undermined at work, didn’t receive the acknowledgement for your efforts, passed up for a promotion based on politics, or the subject of gossip that led to alienation and a hostile work environment that didn’t trigger you to take it to court, you wouldn’t have to think too hard.  (Don’t worry, I’ll wait.)

If you recall, it was only last year when the engagement between the two – Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna – who share custody of their daughter Dream, ended in a toxic split where Rob vindictively shared intimate photos of the mother of his child online for the world to see.

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But Chyna had moved on to find love or something else closer to lust in Kid Buu – a controversial, aspiring rapper who comes fully equipped with a criminal history and questionable relationship habits.  Up until January 28th, the two linking up was merely internet fodder fueled by rumors until police responded to a call from a hotel suite in Honolulu, Hawaii by a woman who claimed to have been physically assaulted.  Honolulu police confirmed to People that the two involved were none other than Buu and Chyna.  Both appeared to be intoxicated.  No one was arrested.

Just twenty-one days after the incident, Chyna has found the ability to love again or something else like relationship-hop after one week of DM’s and a shopping spree with none other than Soulja Boy.

TMZ got down to business in investigating the truth of the relationship rumors.  Great work, TMZ.  “They don’t make no awards for this.”  Allegedly, the fake Valentine’s Day date was a scheme concocted to get underneath the skin of Chyna’s ex, Tyga.

But doesn’t Tyga have to be emotionally invested in order to care?  Hmm.

The unidentified source told the publication that what started out as a well thought out scam has turned into true love and respect.  Umm, okay.  Is this the equivalent of “finding love in a hopeless place?”  Here’s to hoping this one sticks.  Congratulations to the real or fake couple.