Soulja Boy just gave the best interview of 2019…and it’s only January

Soulja Boy has been claiming the best comeback of 2018 with very little evidence to convince the world…

But giving a stellar interview for The Breakfast Club on Wednesday, January 16th that has the internet delighted and amused just might be phase one of his comeback plan for 2019.  In some of the most uproarious moments, Soulja Boy covered it all with Charlamagne, Envy, and Yee.  Not a stone went unturned except perhaps the truth when it pertained to facts, figures, and the legitimacy of his jewelry.

After surviving a California mudslide and a Malibu wildfire, Soulja has braved not only the storm, plenty of his fair share of provoked hip-hop beefs (chalk it up to teen angst), but a robbery attempt gone bad (for the masked gunmen) and Young Drako now wants his kudos, credit, and his cut and he’s not afraid to come for it.  Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em.

2007 may have been the breakout year for the 28 year-old, Chicago born rapper but don’t count him out.  Sure, he may not have released an album since 2010 but there’s mixtapes – 64 of them if we want to be precise on facts, of which his latest, Fuego, was released last week.

With over 3.5 million views, some of the best moments and lines came from him defending his career comeback and contribution to hip-hop to the death.  Most don’t want to go against him despite the questionable delusions of grandeur.

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He had a bone to pick with Kanye.  He had an opinion on 6ix9ine and the trolling antics that landed him behind bars.  He had the refusal to deny Tyga but he broke the internet with his feelings for Drake.  It was a win win for both the ‘Crank That’ rapper and The Breakfast Club.

Boosts, boasts, and ratings for all.  Now this is how you begin your comeback.

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