Travis Scott is not Tristan Thompson


Um, the Kardashian-Kylie Jenner-Tristan Thompson-Travis Scott-Jordyn Woods cheating tornado is turning into a total sloppy mess and we’re pathetically here for every moment.

We were barely out of the woods with the Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson cheating scandal when news of Travis Scott stepping out on Kylie Jenner broke.  This is way too much Kardashian to keep up and it’s not even televised!

TMZ revealed that Kylie surprised Travis Scott with factual evidence of his cheating but what is the evidence?  You know the drill, pics or it didn’t happen.  Apparently, Travis caught a bug and cancelled his concert Thursday evening but sources spilled to TMZ that the “real” reason was because he was confronted by Kylie Jenner, the mother of his child, about possible infidelity and immediately flew home to defend his honor and deny all allegations.

Um, hey TMZ.  We need these so-called sources revealed and stat because we cannot go an entire weekend without this piping hot tea.

Next. Who's a better BFF: Jordyn Woods or Jussie Smollett. dark

Beyond that, OMG! Friday afternoon is getting so good.  Jordyn Woods finally broke her silence in an effort to offer her truth.  No one in the Kardashian clan is giving her the time of day so she tried to seek solace in a mutual family friend Jada Pinkett Smith and post it for the world on ‘Red Table Talk’ but it blew up in her face.

Just imagine this:  The entire Kardashian family couched up for the Facebook Live episode.  Lawyers on stand-by in case non-disclosure agreements are broken and Kanye mumbling nonsensical ramblings in the background – totally oblivious to the tower moments that are erupting all around him.  This all makes my dysfunctional family seem like saints.

How do we even know they tuned in?  Umm, good morning!  Open up twitter.  Thirty minutes after going live, Khloe Kardashian jumped in and she’s p*ssed!

Don’t freak out.  Jordyn didn’t take the brunt of it.  Tristan got some too.

Now we don’t know who or what to believe.  Was it just an innocent kiss like Jordyn said or did Tristan privately spill the beans to his ex about what really happened and Jordyn isn’t on the clue bus.