Will Smith Making His Return To Music?

“Here he comes, he can rock/He can break dance and he can pop/He can rap, he can act/& if it comes down to it, he can scrap/Hey there… here comes Big Will again” – Will Smith (Here He Comes, from the album Lost And Found)

Is 50 the new 20? Will Smith surely makes one a believer as he marks his 50th birthday with all sorts of shenanigans reminiscent of his TV personality – The Fresh Prince. The “Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble” rapper passes the baton into the next stretch of his life’s marathon as 50 opens its doors and welcomes him with open arms.

While Jay Z meme’s of terrified jet ski scenes run amuck on your Instagram timeline, The Fresh Prince flexes his testicular fortitude by celebrating his life with a death defying stunt, with his own YouTube Originals feature “Will Smith: The Jump” documenting his birthday celebration bungee jumping off of a Helicopter into the Grand Canyon.

While Will lives his best life, many may have forgotten that in his heydays he was a top tier MC, and 2018 just might be the year he reminds the rap game he can still run circles around its athletes – a thought that makes the hairs along my skin singe at the potential fire about to blaze the airwaves.

The last serious musical royalty The Prince has blessed us with was his 2005 project ‘Lost and Found’. I remember listening track after track, and I lived in the moment of one of my favorite rappers finding his way back to his craft, but this moment in life was to be short lived as he disappeared back into his Hollywood lifestyle soon after.

Throughout the coming thirteen years, there were hints of his return to musical greatness, but with every passing year the drought worsened, and my hopes dwindled. But…here comes 2018 in the distance, and as I squint my eyes to the horizon, I can see what looks like Smith…Will Smith, with a mike in hand and headphones, “20 years of swag ya’ll just witness/let me remind everybody who will smith is/Rappers make it rain let their money hit yuh/if I throw my money up shittt I’d probably kill a stripper!”

It was him, it was really him. Dusting off his lyrical arsenal ready to send shots on his announcement back into the music world on “Messing around in the studio.”

It was as if Will was speaking directly to his fans, “oh ye of little faith,” I subconsciously hear it while he raps over the beat. His earlier resurfacing on the 2018 World Cup theme song “Live It Up” should have been proof enough of his return. Will breaks back into the music spotlight with a verse revitalizing our dimming hopes “One life, one dream, one moment, one team…we been waiting for this all year!” The crowd cheered for soccer, but I cheered for Will.

Not failing to capitalize on the momentum to his hip hop presence, he continues to tease his musical takeover, joining his son Jaden for the remix of his hit track “ICON”.

September 27th, 2018 inches closer to the actuality of an album from Smith, as both Jaden and Will himself teases something new cooking in the studio.

The mystery lurking behind their social media posts, was soon after revealed, and it seems Will’s coup d’etat of the rap arena is becoming more and more a reality as he flaunts his fur coat and white suit on a track alongside Mark Anthony and Bad Bunny titled “Está Rico.”

2018 seems to be the rebirth of the hip hop we all love, and who better mascot to recruit, than one of the veterans who cultivated the craft, Will Smith.

Are you looking forward to a new Will Smith album?