Ciara graces the cover of InStyle Magazine


In all of her stylish and stunning glory, Ciara graces the cover of InStyle Magazine.

It’s hard to imagine that Ciara, the 33 year-old princess of crunk n’ b, isn’t entirely satiated by the levels of success she has achieved within the music industry.  With six studio albums, two of which certified platinum, and a plethora of chart-topping singles under her belt, she’s done more in two decades than the majority of her peers even with a sharp detour away from the studio and limelight.

That is precisely the conundrum she found herself in as she divulged this and more in a recent interview for the April issue of InStyle Magazine.

Before breaking through the block with 2018’s Level Up – the summer anthem that became a mantra for all women to live by and choreography to virally emulate by young and old alike – she experienced trepidation of returning back onto the scene.  Her fear was in vain as the single allowed her to prove to herself that she still “had it.”

Ciara has never not had “it.”  Even with her three year departure from the music industry, fans and wannabe’s waited on pins and needles ready to accept her with open arms, forgetting that she ever left us in 2015 with Jackie as her only goodbye.

Watch Ciara put the “sexy” back in the polka below.

Now, the singer, dancer, consummate performer, mother of two, and wife of Russell Wilson is busier than ever and making new moves as she starts her latest venture – ownership.  As the founder of Beauty Marks Entertainment, she’s trying her hand at the executive decision making side of things.

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She told InStyle that abstaining from sex with Russell Wilson until marriage was a difficult thing to do but venturing into the uncharted waters of owning a business just might top the cake on difficult tasks.  There is no doubt she can achieve whatever she sets out to do.  In fact, she’s already achieved it.

Congratulations to Ciara and Instyle Magazine for the wonderful issue.