Ciara leaves nothing to the imagination in video ode to her ‘Greatest Love’

Seen enough of Ciara and her flawless bod?  As if.

I don’t think we’ve ever seen this much of Ciara.  Ever.  In her new video for Greatest Love, a love letter to the love of her life, husband Russell Wilson, Ciara flaunts it all – mind, body, and soul – in several wardrobe changes that leave nothing to the imagination.

They call her the comeback queen though I’m not quite sure when the thirty-three year-old singer and dancer ever fell off.  Sure, perhaps life intervened and found her taking some time off before getting back in the studio, but Ciara Princess Harris has never not delivered a high-octane hit or vulnerable love song.

After previously announcing the launch of her own record company Beauty Marks Entertainment, 2019 will find her gearing up to release not only all things toxic from her life but her latest studio full-length since 2015’s JackieGreatest Love  marks her fourth single since 2018 released on the new record label.

The internet is in love with the love between her and Russell who married in 2016 and together share one daughter.  CiCi is living testimony of what happens when you Level Up, learn the lesson of self-worth through loss and toxic relationships, and open yourself up to manifesting the greatest love.

The track can’t help but be compared to a throwback R&B vibe with an Aaliyah feel but with a twist all of Cici’s own.  Her entertainment company will allow her to maintain ownership, explore music without feeling creatively stifled alongside a bevy of creative and forward thinkers.

She took to Twitter to announce the launch of the company that will find her dipping a toe in future endeavors of film, fashion, and philanthropy and working with artists who want to focus on their entrepreneurial skills.

Ciara will also join in on the Grammy celebration of Motown 60 Tribute with a special performance alongside legends Stevie Wonder, Boyz II Men, Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson, and others.