What isn’t Teyana Taylor good at?


Teyana Taylor isn’t waiting on anyone or anything to get her where she needs to go.

Refusing to stay stagnant in a “who’s up next” industry that would prefer an artist to patiently wait their turn until the court of public opinion deems them “up next,” Teyana Taylor is taking her destiny by the horns to spin the wheel of fortune in her favor.  All the while, she is consciously aware that what is deservedly hers cannot be taken away.

Just don’t expect her to wait on the universe to deliver her just desserts.  Driven, with a razor sharp focus, she’s coming for each and every last accolade despite the verdict.  With a stamp of approval from the world at large, it’s difficult to process why we simply haven’t heard the chant of her name loud enough since the release of K.T.S.E.

The stars seem to quickly be aligning for the 28 year-old New York native as she becomes a jack of all trades, master of all.  Long before she had emerged to the average joe as the body behind Kanye West’s Fade in 2016 and the empress of G.O.O.D. Music, the singer with a vocal range that vacillates between a sultry lower register to an ethereal high-pitch plea of mercy, has been chiseling away at a plan of attack on those who continue to hit the snooze button.


The singer, songwriter, dancer, and model adds director to the list, coining herself “Spike Tee” as she shakes every last piece of creative meat off the bone, checking off every last box.

From her self-directed W.T.P to the Wu-Tang chemistry of Gonna Love Me to her latest release of Issues/Hold On where A$AP Rocky plays her leading man, her vision is singularly her own.

Revealing on the latest episode of Pull Up with Joe Budden, she’s back at work in the studio.  Proof that she is unrelenting in her motivation to deliver her creativity to the masses as she collects her accolades one song, one video, one album at a time.

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Catch Teyana, who will be performing at the Manhattan Center in New York City this May for the Red Bull Music Festival, and at J. Cole’s Dreamville Festival on Apr. 6 in Raleigh, North Carolina.