Ciara’s “Thinkin Bout You” in her new single (No, not you!)


Ciara gives us serious 90’s pop vibes in ‘Thinkin Bout You.’

As Ciara prepares to release her latest sound into the atmosphere on May 10 with her upcoming album Beauty Marks, she celebrated by dropping her newest sultry, bubbly bath ode to the obsessive and compulsive thoughts of new love with the single and video Thinkin Bout You.

This is the fifth taste we’ve received off the project’s 11 tracks in total that will most likely include the previously heard singles Level Up, Freak Me, Dose, and Greatest Love and is slated to be released on her own record label – her latest business venture – Beauty Marks Entertainment.

Though Ciara is looking more adorbs than ever – a quick departure from Greatest Love which showed her baring it all to the one she loves – husband Russell Wilson – it has social media up in arms.  Has the world become desensitized from a good old fashioned 90’s inspired love song?

The general sentiment around the internet is finding the latest single with mixed reviews and a dose of fear.  Fear that the princess of crunk n’ b has strayed so far from the sound she broke out with that it will forever be abandoned and the mistakes of Jackie will be repeated.

As one fan commented in her Instagram,

"“People don’t want this type of music from you.  This has been everyone’s problem with you for years and you run right back to making suburban pop music.  It’s disappointing and this album will flop.”"

Harsh words.  Does an artist need to be cornered into one sound or are they allowed to evolve as their aesthetic changes?  Still, the visual starts off in a luxurious bath tub fit for a queen with a little twerking in between.

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Her solo choreography has her dancing, skipping, jumping, and crooning around her massive master bedroom as she professes her love (to her broom handle) for the gentleman running wild in her thoughts.

I guess the secret is out as to why it takes women so long to get ready.  Now men know.