Solange writes the playbook on sexy and subtle in ‘Way To the Show’


We have Solange news this week!

Solange propelled herself back into the limelight last month with her release When I Get Home.  An album that carried the energy of “light as a feather,” along with it came a short film and accompanying visuals for the fan favorite tracks Almeda, Binz, and now Way To the Show.

If you haven’t seen the new visual, make sure to check it out.  Finding the sweet spot, Solange has created the playbook on how to “do” subtle and sexy without being overly salacious.  Full of muted tones and minimalistic choreography, Solange has most definitely taken her seat at the head of the table.

Last-minute Coachella Cancellation: Sorry Not Sorry

Announced this week, the Houston songstress would have been making an appearance at the ever adored Coachella festival on April 13 and April 20 but bowed out in a last-minute cancellation (five days prior to the festivals kick-off) breaking the hearts of adoring fans who held day one tickets hoping to re-create the magic of her and Beyoncé on stage. Coachella issued this statement via Twitter,

"“Due to major production delays, Solange will unfortunately no longer be performing at this year’s festival. She sends her sincerest apologies, and looks forward to performing at Coachella in the future.”"

The Iconic Knowles Group Chat You Wish You Were Apart Of

Earlier this week, the matriarch of the famous sisters revealed to Maria Shriver that she’s keeping up with her family (and technology) by  connecting with her daughters through group chat texting, telling Shriver,

"“And we’ll be on a group chat for two hours, just going back and forth and laughing about something or being sad about something.”"

She revealed that the death of Nipsey Hussle has shaken their entire family and being able to group chat and discuss their feelings has been therapeutic, bringing comfort to a situation that has been difficult for the world to process.

Along with daughters Beyoncé and Solange, who else has the privilege of being in on the group chatting session? Niece Angie Beyincé and singer Kelly Rowland. If only they would “say my name, say my name” and include me!