Solange takes us home to ourselves on ‘When I Get Home’

When I Get Home is lovely, delicate, and light.

Unbeknownst to the earthly realm at large, in the midnight hours of Friday and just outside the sphere of third dimensional reality, stood an artist named Solange discreetly poised to release into the universe an offering so substantial that one couldn’t help but feel their soul ascend upon first listen.

When I Get Home, the fourth studio release by Solange came as a surprise to those who had patiently yet passionately awaited her return from 2016’s A Seat At The Table.  The album roll-out was not lacking in strategy, felt just days before its official liberation and fell solely in line with the elusive conceptual enchantress that Solange has evolved into.

She invited us along with flashes of snakeskin boots, hints of Houston, and cosmic innuendos, in preparation for what would ultimately be a shared spiritual journey and purification process of healing for all human beings; or perhaps it was the collective that conjured her up at a moment in time when a Solange is most needed.

Without the slightest hint of cognizance, the project features a collaborative effort from fellow industry qualifiers of their craft Raphael Saadiq, Pharrell Williams, Earl Sweatshirt, Playboy Carti, and Gucci Mane to name a few.

All artists and musicians showing up and meeting Solange at her vibration, never detracting from the intention of her otherworldly brainchild.  A creation that, though I wouldn’t dare suggest I could remotely fathom what is going on in ones internal world – could only be invoked from a head and heart space that eludes to the fact that she beat us to the punch of aligning the two.

With elements of jazz, hard knocking hip-hop, electronica, and whispers of soul throughout the arrangements, When I Get Home is perfectly coordinated musically without a twinge of production out of place and gracefully layered with lyrical divinity and rich vocals.

The album performs like a well-oiled machine, the transitions and interludes between songs play with fluidity, each a hymn in their own right.  A personal novella in the form of melody, and though the heart has its own way of healing intuitively, this album provides acceleration when all other remedies have been exhausted.

When the 19 tracks are said and done, you come to the realization that Solange just brought you home to yourself, grounded in meditation.

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