Hip Hop: Jay Electronica has finally put out a debut album

Throughout the course of his heavily shadowed career, Jay Electronica hasn’t received attention for his rapping, but more for his non-rapping. He has finally shelved a debut album though, in hopes of regaining a solid fanbase.

Jay Electronica is a very experienced human being overall. He has walked many different routes in life, and his age can defend this inference, as he stands as one of the elder figures in rap today.

Electronica was signed to Roc Nation in 2010, under Jay-Z’s imprint, he has been put on many different songs as a feature to big-name artists. His first mixtape release in 2007 titled, Act I: Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge), got his name out into the environment because of its substance and Electronica’s own interesting back story.

Signing to Roc Nation seemed to be a uniform fit for him, because of his involvement in the Nation of Islam, he has fit the pro-black likings of Jay-Z, the head of his label. Electronica also never moves away from speaking on black life here in America and all the good and bad history of it.

Lyrical assassination is what Jay Electronica performs when he enters the booth. In a time of lyricism’s decay, he has always delivered meaningful verses with clean-cut aggressiveness. The one defeat pertaining to his artistry has been that he has never put out an album.

On March 13, 2020, Jay Electronica finally released his debut album, A Written TestimonyTo say the least, this album was needed. Not only for the general population of hip hop fans but because of the passion and rhythmic confidence the Jay Electronica displays on every track.

Jay-Z is on almost every track, with just as much flame emoji behind him as Electronica. The project seems totally pre-calculated with the number of “old-timer” samples and delayed cinematic noises. The album is surely a classic lyrical hip hop album.

Jay Electronica speaks about important things in life, as well as his own involvement in nonsense and personal vices. He is an extremely talented artist and his album, A Written Testimony, should definitely be on your playlist.