Jay Electronica releases “Better in Tune With the Infinite” at fan’s request

Photo Credit: Okayplayer.com

If, like me, you’ve been listening to Jay Electronica’s “Better in Tune With the Infinite” all weekend, you should probably thank Twitter user Erick Grady.

Grady reached out to the reclusive Jay Electronica on Friday evening, politely asking the rapper to release the song:

Unlikely, right? Well, it turns out Jay Electronica was in a good mood following SXSW and decided to comply:

Boosh! Miracles do come true!

As for the song itself? It’s pretty damn good. Take a listen:

If the song’s title seems a little familiar, that’s because “Better in Tune With the Infinite” was on the track list Jay Electronica released two years ago for Act II: Patents of Nobility (the Turn). While there’s no new information about the album itself — surprise, surprise — “Better in Tune With the Infinite” actually seeing the light of day is a good sign.