21 Savage Admits to Fictional Lyrics. Says Some Of His Lyrics Are "Fictional As Hell"

Exploring the Fictional Layers of 21 Savage's Lyrics: Navigating Realities in the World of Rap.
21 Savage Performs Live For The First Time In Paris At The Zenith
21 Savage Performs Live For The First Time In Paris At The Zenith / Kristy Sparow/GettyImages

Amidst the ongoing discussions about whether rap lyrics should be considered evidence in court, there is a recurring debate among fans and artists. Many argue that these lyrics frequently present inaccurate portrayals of actual events.

Bringing clarity to this issue, 21 Savage, in a recent Rolling Stone interview, disclosed that some of his seemingly harsh lyrics may not reflect his personal experiences as closely as they seem. He emphasized that, despite exploring intense themes in his songs, his opposition to violence remains unwavering.

During the interview, Savage candidly described some of his music as "fictional as hell," expounding:

""some of it be based off of real life, but a lot of it be creative stories.""

21 Savage

This argument, asserting that rap lyrics may draw inspiration from real events but should not be treated as accurate retellings, has found resonance both in legal defenses within courtrooms and among fans expressing dissent online.

Notably, 21 Savage received recognition from his adopted hometown of Atlanta recently. Fulton County, encompassing the majority of the city, officially declared an appreciation day for the rapper. This gesture follows similar acknowledgments for artists like Gucci Mane and Usher in their respective hometowns last month. Despite being born overseas, Savage has seamlessly represented Atlanta for decades, becoming synonymous with the city and frequently collaborating with fellow Atlanta-based artists.

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Adding to his recent accolades, 21 Savage concluded his inaugural European tour. After a prolonged struggle to secure his American citizenship, the rapper celebrated by bringing his intense live performances to audiences across Europe. Videos circulating online captured the infectious energy of every show, attesting to the undeniable hype surrounding his performances. The tour's grand finale took place in London, his adopted city, where he shared the stage with Central Cee, J Hus, and Popcaan, marking a triumphant homecoming.

This multifaceted narrative underscores not only the complex interplay between art and reality in the world of rap but also 21 Savage's evolving journey as an artist and cultural icon. As he continues to navigate the intricate intersections of his life and career, fans can anticipate more layers of authenticity and creativity in his musical expressions.