50 Cent accuses Jay Z of hiding while Diddy faces legal battles

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On Wednesday, May 15, 50 Cent took to social media to mock Jay-Z’s public silence over Diddy’s ongoing legal issues. The Bad Boy Records founder is currently battling multiple sexual assault lawsuits, and 50 Cent didn’t hold back in his trolling campaign.

Alongside an unflattering close-up photo of the Roc Nation mogul, 50 Cent wrote:

"Jay in hibernation he ain’t coming outside till this shit with puff blow over, no brunch, no lunch, No dinner. LOL IM ALL YOU GOT IM OUTSIDE!"

The reference to the canceled Roc Nation Brunch, an annual pre-Grammy Awards event attended by A-list celebrities including Diddy, adds an extra layer of humor to the situation.

This isn’t the first time 50 Cent has targeted Jay-Z over Diddy’s legal woes. Back in March, he shared an image of a milk carton with Hov’s face edited onto its missing children’s ad slot, jokingly suggesting that Jay had gone ghost on his longtime friend during this challenging time. He even uploaded a deepfake video featuring actors Wesley Snipes and Ice-T, subtly implying that Jay-Z might have knowledge of Diddy’s alleged crimes of sexual assault and sex trafficking1.

Despite the controversy, Jay-Z has remained silent on the allegations made against Diddy by various parties, including his ex-girlfriend Cassie and The Love Album producer Lil Rod. Meanwhile, 50 Cent continues to use his trolling prowess to keep the drama alive, leaving fans and fellow celebrities amused and intrigued1.

The friendship between Sean “Diddy” Combs and Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter has spanned over two decades, with roots dating back to the early 1990s when both artists were making their mark in the music industry. Despite the competitive nature of hip-hop, Diddy and Jay-Z found common ground in their shared ambition and passion for music

In summary, 50 Cent’s relentless trolling knows no bounds, and Jay-Z finds himself caught in the crossfire as Diddy’s legal saga unfolds. Whether Jay will break his silence or continue to lay low remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: 50 Cent won’t let this drama die down anytime soon