50 Cent playfully taunts TMZ following successful sale of Diddy Docuseries to Netflix

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In a surprising turn of events, rap mogul 50 Cent has successfully sold his highly anticipated Diddy docuseries to none other than Netflix. The project, which has been generating buzz for months, centers around the sexual assault allegations against music icon Diddy. Let’s delve into the details and explore how this deal unfolded.

The bidding war

Multiple sources familiar with the situation revealed that there was a massive bidding war over the docuseries. Networks and streaming platforms alike vied for the rights to air this explosive content. Ultimately, the big red N—that’s right, Netflix—emerged as the victor. The series, aptly titled “Diddy Do It?”, will soon grace the streaming giant’s platform.

Timeliness and relevance

The timing couldn’t be more fitting. Just days before the deal was sealed, rap mogul Diddy found himself facing yet another civil lawsuit. Model Crystal McKinney accused him of sexual assault dating back to 2003.

This revelation came after security footage from 2016 showed Diddy physically assaulting his ex, Cassie, in a hotel hallway. Cassie had previously accused him of abuse and sexual assault, settling out of court last year. In a video apology posted recently, Diddy acknowledged the dark times surrounding the Cassie incident but continues to deny other sexual assault claims against him.

The 50 Cent factor

Enter 50 Cent, the rival rapper who has been trolling Diddy throughout his legal woes. 50 Cent has taken to social media, weighing in on the allegations and even commenting on the federal raids conducted at Bad Boy Records founder’s homes in Los Angeles and Miami

Their feud dates back nearly two decades, with 50 Cent once releasing a diss track titled “The Bomb”, where he alleged that Diddy knew who was responsible for the death of Notorious B.I.G.

The rapper expressed his dissatisfaction with TMZ's coverage of the story. In response, he shared a screenshot of the article on his Instagram and pointed out that the outlet had deliberately chosen a photo of him from a time when he was visibly heavier.

His speculation was that TMZ was harboring resentment due to their recent release of a documentary about Diddy titled "The Downfall of Diddy." In a lighthearted tone, he wrote on Instagram,

"TMZ use this fat boy picture of me because their doc went to Tubi LOL,"he wrote on IG. It’s ok guys we’re all making good television mines just happens to be the best."

As the Diddy docuseries gears up for its Netflix debut, audiences can expect a riveting exploration of the sexual assault allegations that have haunted the music industry. With 50 Cent in the mix, this saga promises to be a rollercoaster ride of drama, intrigue, and revelations. Stay tuned for more updates as the streaming giant prepares to drop this explosive series.