50 Cent Reacts Swiftly to Uncle Murda's Bold Diddy Disses in Rap Up 2023 Pt 2

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In the dynamic realm of hip-hop, confrontations and rivalries are par for the course. Recently, Uncle Murda aimed his lyrical artillery at Diddy in the latest installment of his track series, 'Rap Up 2023 Pt 2'. The song features incisive lines critiquing Diddy, but for 50 Cent, a seasoned contender in the rap world, confrontations are nothing new.

The Power actor, currently engaged in a documentary supporting sexual assault victims allegedly involving Diddy, is known for his history of beefs within the industry. Diddy currently faces four sexual allegations, having settled one.

Given 50 Cent's longstanding feud with P. Diddy, he promptly shared Uncle Murda's 'Rap Up 2023', where Diddy becomes the focal point of criticism.

This article delves into the unfolding situation, examining 50 Cent's response to Uncle Murda's Diddy disses and scrutinizing the lines taking aim at Yung Miami, Andre 3000, and Sexy Red.

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Uncle Murda Takes Shots at Diddy

Uncle Murda
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In 'Rap Up 2023 Pt 2', Uncle Murda directs his lyrical punches at Diddy, delivering lines that sharply criticize the music mogul. One particularly striking line accuses Diddy of not fulfilling financial obligations, stating,

"Diddy still ain't give us the money he owes us."

This references Diddy's history of reportedly not compensating his artists, serving as a clear indictment of both Diddy and his business practices. The response from the founder of Bad Boy Records was swift.

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The New York City hip-hop luminary aptly encapsulates the year, taking not only a jab at Diddy but also firing shots at Yung Miami, Andre 3000, and Sexy Red in his lyrical narrative.

Uncle Murda suggests that Diddy played a role in Yung Miami's BET award win, raising questions about the circumstances surrounding the accolade.

"I’m like, did he do it? Did he drug her? Did he rape her?/ If you didn’t do this shit, Diddy, why did you pay her?” "

In the first installment of his Rap Up series, Uncle Murda shares his thoughts on Andre 3000's New Blue Sun album, echoing the sentiments commonly voiced by hip-hop critics and fans regarding Andre's work.

"André 3000 finally put some shit out/ Honestly, he was better off not putting shit out/ I was tryna catch a vibe but I just couldn’t catch the shit/ All he did was play flute, I wish he woulda said some shit"

The rapper addresses Sexy Red, delving into topics such as her sex tape and pregnancy.

"Sexyy Red made a sex tape and I saw it, I think she got pregnant while she was getting recorded/ And I heard she said she got chlamydia twice, that bitch ratchet, let me try to give that girl some advice.It’s okay to shake your ass and put your hands on your knees/ But put a condom on to avoid catching STDs/ Your pussy pink and booty hole brown, are you serious?/ Little girls shouldn’t be listening to that shit, period."

50 Cent's Reaction

As one of the most prominent figures in hip-hop, 50 Cent is no stranger to beefs and rivalries. When asked about Uncle Murda's Diddy disses, 50 Cent had this to say:

"I think it's funny. Uncle Murda is just doing what he does best, and that's stirring up controversy. Diddy is a legend in the game, and he's always going to have people coming after him. But at the end of the day, he's still Diddy."

In conclusion, Uncle Murda's Diddy disses have caused quite a stir in the hip-hop community. As for 50 Cent, he seems to be taking the situation in stride, and he's not letting the drama get to him. We'll be sure to keep you updated on any further developments in this ongoing saga.

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