50 Cent's remarkable weight loss journey: Unveiling the truth behind his transformation

The hip-hop mogul opens up about shedding 40 pounds, rejecting weight-loss drugs, and embracing a healthier lifestyle.
50 Cent Hosts Birthday Dinner For Cuba Gooding Jr.
50 Cent Hosts Birthday Dinner For Cuba Gooding Jr. / Shareif Ziyadat/GettyImages

50 Cent has recently captured attention with his impressive weight loss, attributing it to sheer determination and commitment. The 48-year-old rapper and entrepreneur took to Instagram on January 24 to address the buzz surrounding his noticeable transformation.

In the video, 50 Cent shared that he managed to lose over 40 pounds through consistent workouts and the demands of his tour. Notably, he emphatically denied any use of Ozempic, a weight loss medication speculated by some fans.

"I was hitting the gym, putting in the work, man," he declared. "People want to talk about Ozempic; I was out there running, doing what needed to be done. You've seen me on tour."

Ozempic, a prescription drug primarily used for treating type 2 diabetes, can aid weight loss by suppressing appetite and slowing down digestion. However, it's not approved for standalone weight loss and comes with potential side effects such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and low blood sugar¹.

While 50 Cent has experienced drastic weight changes in the past, such as shedding 54 pounds for a movie role in 2010, his recent transformation is not for the screen but for his overall well-being. He disclosed his journey from 253 pounds at his heaviest to his current weight of 210 pounds. Additionally, he revealed incorporating abstinence and meditation into his lifestyle.

"I'm focused, practicing abstinence is helping me train harder," he shared on Instagram earlier this month. "I feel great, I think more people should try it."

Facing criticism and mockery from fans and detractors, 50 Cent has remained resilient. In 2019, he was fat-shamed after a Super Bowl performance, but instead of succumbing to negativity, he used it as motivation to get in shape.

50 Cent
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Even rapper Ja Rule's taunts about his weight gain were turned into fuel for his fitness journey.
Responding to Ja Rule's Instagram comment in 2019, 50 Cent posted a picture of Ja Rule's tax troubles and wrote,

"I want to thank my man Ja Rule for motivating me to get back in shape. I was 258 today I'm 240. Yeah, I'm getting ready. LOL #nopainnogain #stayfocused."

50 Cent's weight loss mirrors a trend among hip-hop stars like Rick Ross, DJ Khaled, Timbaland, and Busta Rhymes, who have prioritized health and undergone significant transformations⁴.

Beyond his musical success, 50 Cent is a multifaceted figure, excelling as a businessman, producer, actor, and philanthropist. With ventures like G-Unit Records, Branson cognac, Le Chemin du Roi champagne, the Power TV series, and the G-Unity Foundation, he exemplifies achieving greatness through hard work and focus.

In summary, 50 Cent's journey is a testament that age and a busy schedule are not obstacles to achieving one's goals. His transformation showcases that, with dedication to a healthy lifestyle, there's no need for weight loss drugs or gimmicks—just a balanced diet and consistent exercise.