André 3000 Expresses Gratitude to Frank Ocean and DJ Unk, Describing Their Collaborations as a 'Blessing

Andre 3000 Reflects on Post-Outkast Collaborations as 'Blessings' and the Joy of Rapping.
2016 ONE Musicfest
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André 3000 recently delved into the intricacies of his latest album, New Blue Sun, during a candid conversation on Questlove Supreme. The iconic Outkast legend shared insights not only into the project but also delved into his life, career, and collaborative experiences. In a particularly engaging segment, he reflected on the post-Idlewild era, highlighting the unique joy and gratitude he found in collaborating with other artists.

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"A year after Idlewild, I found myself fortunate to be asked for remixes," Andre 3000 shared during the interview. "It was a blessing for me because it provided an avenue for me to rap. This town was creating a new sound, and the opportunities to contribute were coming my way."

He recounted a specific instance when DJ Unk approached him for the "Walk It Out" remix. The simplicity of the collaboration, driven by the infectious beat, resonated with Andre 3000, showcasing the genuine pleasure he found in the creative process.

Reflecting on the exchange, he noted, "I don’t know if I got paid for the remix. The trade-off was, ‘Hey Unk, can you do a couple beats that we scratched in the background of my cartoon for Class of 3000?’"

This exchange, marked by the sheer joy of being on a compelling beat, became a testament to his love for the craft.

For Andre 3000, the collaboration not only provided an outlet for his passion but also served as a bridge to a new generation. "I say a blessing because any rapper just wanna be on a good beat and in the city," he expressed. He emphasized the impact of such collaborations, highlighting how even engagements with newer artists, like Frank Ocean, offered fresh opportunities to connect with a diverse audience.

As he wrapped up his thoughts, André 3000 emphasized the blessing of these collaborations, particularly coming off projects like Speakerboxxx/The Love Below and Idlewild, which leaned more towards a musical and melodic direction. These remix experiences allowed him to embrace what he truly enjoyed doing, expressing his art through rap.

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