Andre 3000 On Why New Blue Sun Album  Has “ No Bar” But Flute 

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In a surprising twist, André 3000, renowned as one half of the legendary OutKast, recently took fans on an unexpected musical journey—a flute album. This rare interview on CBS Morning unveils the layers of his creative process, the unconventional instrument choice, and his unique perspective on navigating both fan and personal expectations.

André 3000's artistic exploration led him to the enchanting world of Chinese gourd flutes. The interview sparks curiosity as he casually mentions stumbling upon this unique instrument on Etsy. His revelation about developing a genuine fondness for these flutes adds a whimsical touch to his musical escapade.

November saw the surprise drop of André 3000's instrumental masterpiece, "New Blue Sun." Departing from traditional rap, the album puts the Chinese gourd flute in the spotlight. The artist's pursuit of sonic adventure is evident, creating an immersive experience beyond the boundaries of conventional expectations.

André 3000, unapologetic in his artistic choices, addresses the palpable disappointment some fans may feel about the absence of traditional rap in his recent work. The album cover's explicit "no bars" declaration serves as a prelude to a musical venture that defies expectations, inviting listeners to embrace the unexpected.

André 3000's candid discussion about creative seasons and slumps humanizes the artist, making his journey relatable. The struggle to meet personal expectations takes centre stage, emphasizing the vulnerability and unpredictability inherent in the creative process. He, however, stated that.

"I don’t even know what notes I’m playing so every move for me is new,” he continued, “Which is kinda crazy but it feels great to do it. Because when you find things you’re like, ‘Oh!'”"

In celebrating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop this year, esteemed figures like Nas, LL Cool J, Will Smith, E40, Queen Latifah, and others have passionately conveyed their enduring love for the culture. Despite numerous invitations to partake in the festivities, André 3000 revealed that he graciously declined.

"I wouldn’t want to be — I’m doing it just because I’m trying to meet an expectation,” he said. “I didn’t get into OutKast for that, you know.”"

André 3000's flute album may not align with conventional expectations, but it unfolds as a testament to an artist unafraid of embracing the unpredictable. This interview captures the essence of André 3000's creative journey, portraying him not just as a musician but as a storyteller navigating uncharted musical waters. As listeners eagerly anticipate his next chapter, André 3000 stands as a beacon of artistic authenticity, urging us all to embrace the unexpected in our creative pursuits.

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