Azealia Banks weighs in: Kendrick Lamar’s Euphoria vs. Drake’s Push Up

Azealia Banks picks a side in the ongoing feud
Azealia Banks Performs At Noise Pop Festival
Azealia Banks Performs At Noise Pop Festival / Tim Mosenfelder/GettyImages

The hip-hop universe is ablaze with the ongoing feud between two heavyweights: Drake and Kendrick Lamar. And it’s no surprise that Azealia Banks, known for her unfiltered opinions, has stepped into the ring. But whose corner did she choose? Let’s break it down.

Kendrick Lamar’s “Euphoria” vs. Drake’s “Push Ups”

Azealia Banks didn’t hold back when expressing her preference. She unequivocally sided with Drake, declaring, “Drake won. That’s it.” But why? Here are the reasons she gave:

Voice Tone and Timbre: Azealia criticized Kendrick’s voice tone, feeling that it didn’t resonate with her. In contrast, she appreciated Drake’s delivery on “Push Ups.” According to her, Drake’s voice had that irresistible swagger that made her nod in approval.

Muddy Mix: The mix on Kendrick’s “Euphoria” left something to be desired, according to Banks. She found it “muddy as hell.” In contrast, Drake’s track had a cleaner, crisper sound that appealed to her ears.

Beat Quality: Azealia didn’t mince words when she called the beat on Kendrick’s track “dumb trash.” In her eyes, Drake’s beat was more captivating, with just the right blend of bass and rhythm.

The conspiracy theory

But Azealia Banks,, being Azealia Banks, didn’t stop there. floated a conspiracy theory that Kendrick had sent goons to remove diss tracks from J. Cole and Drake on streaming platforms. Whether there’s any truth to this remains unclear, but it certainly intrigues the feud. Is Kendrick secretly pulling strings behind the scenes? Only time will tell.

A history of trolling

Azealia Banks has a colorful history of stirring the pot. Remember when she criticized Drake for allegedly getting liposuction? Now, she’s backing him in this feud. Her consistency might be questionable, but her opinions are always headline-worthy. It’s like watching a soap opera unfold on social media.

While Azealia Banks’ take might raise eyebrows, it’s just another chapter in the ongoing Drake vs. Kendrick saga. As an entertainment news writer, you’ll want to watch how this feud evolves. Fans love a good clash of opinions, and this one is no exception. So grab your popcorn, because the hip-hop battle continues!