Benny the Butcher expresses desire to collaborate with Kendrick Lamar, Tyler, The Creator, and Killer Mike

Buffalo’s finest rapper sets his sights on hip-hop heavyweights
GRAMMY Week Panel #4 – Label Spotlight Panel – 01.30.24
GRAMMY Week Panel #4 – Label Spotlight Panel – 01.30.24 / Rebecca Sapp/GettyImages

Benny The Butcher, the lyrical maestro hailing from Buffalo, New York, has already etched his name into hip-hop history. With a slew of projects under his belt and mainstream recognition, he’s become a force to be reckoned with. But even for someone who’s worked with big names, there are still heavyweight artists on his wish list.

In an exclusive interview with Amazon Music, Benny reflected on his journey from underground rapper to major label star. When the topic of confidence arose, he couldn’t help but praise Tyler, The Creator. According to Benny, Tyler’s self-assuredness and creative versatility set him apart:

"He does what he wants because he realizes it’s him—nothing else"

And what about a potential collaboration with Tyler? Benny’s eyes light up:

"I would love to work with him. I wonder how that would sound. He can rap in all types of ways."

But Tyler isn’t the only artist on Benny’s radar. He also feels a strong connection to Kendrick Lamar and Killer Mike.

"Definitely guys like [Lil] Wayne, Kendrick… Killer Mike. He’s been going crazy lately"

Benny shares. “38 Spesh—I’m about to do a project with him. He’s crazy.” These artists, according to Benny, are the ones who keep him sharp.

While Benny hasn’t collaborated with Kendrick Lamar yet, he did borrow Kendrick’s “We Cry Together” beat back in 2022. In the aftermath of a tragic mass shooting in his hometown, Benny renamed the track to “Welcome to the States.” Over the haunting Alchemist instrumental, he lamented the continued racism, discrimination, and violence plaguing the U.S.

Two heavyweight collaborations stand out in Benny’s catalog: “Big Dog” with Lil Wayne from his latest album Everybody Can’t Go, and “Johnny P’s Caddy” with J. Cole from Tana Talk 4.

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Benny’s admiration for J. Cole runs deep. In a recent interview, he crowned Cole as the best rapper alive:

"I’m gonna have to say Cole [is the best rapper alive]. It’s a different aura with him. He’s coming into his own and standing over it."

So, as Benny The Butcher continues to carve his legacy, we eagerly await the day when these hip-hop titans join forces. Kendrick, Tyler, Killer Mike—take note. Buffalo’s finest is knocking at your door.