Benny the Butcher unveils unreleased tracks featuring Nas, scarface, and Meek Mill

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Benny The Butcher recently spilled the beans on an array of unreleased collaborations with hip-hop heavyweights like Nas, Meek Mill, and Scarface during a revealing interview on The Breakfast Club.

The Griselda member shared the excitement surrounding these unheard tracks, shedding light on the complexities of navigating the business side to clear and release these hidden gems.

"“I got a record with Meek [Mill] that nobody never heard. And I actually did the record with Meek like a week before I did the record with Drake, y’know what I’m saying? I got a record with Nas the world never heard […] Hit Boy produced it. It’s clearing these records — that’s what it is. It’s the next level of the business. I got a record with Scarface, The Mekanix.” "

Benny The Butcher

In his discussion, Benny disclosed the existence of a Meek Mill collaboration that has never seen the light of day, expressing the chronological connection between this project and his work with Drake.

The revelations didn't end there; Benny The Butcher went on to discuss a collaboration with Nas, produced by Hit Boy. He emphasized the intricate process involved in clearing these tracks for public release. Furthermore, Benny teased an upcoming collaboration with Scarface, heightening the anticipation among eager fans.

This isn't the first time Benny The Butcher has been in the studio with A-list artists. Having previously collaborated with J. Cole, DMX, and others, Benny's catalog is a testament to his prowess in curating collaborations with industry heavyweights.

The interview also touched upon Benny's past collaboration with Drake, where he opened up about the challenges in releasing the track, recognizing the global superstar's demanding schedule and intricate release strategies.

Beyond the unreleased music, Benny shared insights into the current status of Griselda, offering a glimpse into the collective's trajectory. Furthermore, he addressed the ongoing feud with Freddie Gibbs, providing an in-depth perspective on the dynamics within the hip-hop landscape.

Benny The Butcher's revelations during The Breakfast Club interview have sparked heightened anticipation, leaving fans eager to witness the unveiling of these hidden musical treasures and gaining valuable insights into the artist's journey in the rap industry.