Cardi B stands firm: Defending adult content amidst Candace Owens’ calls for ban

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Cardi B has taken a bold stance on the ongoing debate surrounding adult content after conservative political commentator Candace Owens called for a ban. Owens, known for her controversial statements, labeled NSFW sites as a “psychological weapon intended to weaken our men” . But Cardi B isn’t buying it. In a recent Instagram comment, she defended porn, sparking a heated discussion on the topic.

The clash of perspectives

Owens’ tweet ignited a firestorm of opinions. She tweeted,

"Ban pornography. It is a psychological weapon intended to weaken our men"

Cardi B, however, had a different take. She questioned why people were so against porn, emphasizing that it wasn’t inherently harmful.

"I enjoy it, but I don’t feel any connection or addiction to it, Cardi B wrote. Nothing like real intimacy!"

She even suggested that adult content could serve as an educational tool, teaching men how to please women.

The feud: A brief history

The Cardi B–Candace Owens feud traces back to September 2020 when Owens tweeted a clip of her interview with conservative Ben Shapiro. In that interview, Owens expressed disdain for Cardi B following her No. 1 hit “WAP” and her interview with then-presidential candidate Joe Biden. Owens questioned why Biden would choose to engage with Cardi B, comparing it to Donald Trump giving an interview to Justin Bieber.

Fast forward to 2022, and the feud is still alive. During an appearance on the Full Send podcast, Owens called Cardi B “uneducated” and criticized her grasp of politics. Owens claimed that Cardi B didn’t even understand basic concepts like the structure of Congress.

In response, Cardi B fired back, revealing that Owens had attempted to force her into a public apology and threatened legal action against her. Cardi B questioned Owens’ legal knowledge, asking how someone so smart could misunderstand the law.

Cardi B vs. Candace Owens

Cardi B isn’t the first celebrity to weigh in on this issue. Earlier, Ye (formerly known as Kanye West) faced backlash when he announced his own adult content website. Despite the criticism, he’s planning to build an adult content studio under his Yeezy brand. The debate continues, with Cardi B and Owens representing opposing viewpoints.

As the battle rages on, it’s clear that opinions on adult content remain divided. While some see it as a menace, others view it as a harmless indulgence. Whether it’s a psychological weapon or a source of pleasure, the debate won’t end anytime soon. But one thing’s for sure: Cardi B won’t shy away from expressing her thoughts, even if it means challenging the status quo.