Conway the Machine & Conductor Williams 'Conductor Machine' review

Conway The Machine "Won't He Do It" Album Release
Conway The Machine "Won't He Do It" Album Release / Johnny Nunez/GettyImages

Conway the Machine is known best for being the lyricist of Griselda. That has been evident for several years now, as his crew has taken over the rap game. Conway has dropped projects, while appearing on tons of features over the last couple of years.

Conway is no stranger to working with amazing prodcuers, as he has a collaborative EP with The alchemist. However, this EP is the first time he has worked for a full project with Conductor Williams, whom he had an easy connection due to Conductor working a lot with his Griselda labelmate, Westside Gunn.

Conductor is known for working a lot with other Griselda artists, such as Rome Streetz and Boldy James. However, Conductor has been inserted into the public album more so after producing for Drake on his latest album, For All the Dogs.

Conductor Machine is only a seven track EP, so there wasn't a lot to digest with this project. However, Conway and Conductor is a very intriguing combo, so let's see the good and the bad of this project.

Positive Takeaways

Conway is always going to put some great rapping on a project. He is a dope lyricist with a interesting voice. Songs, such as "Flame" and "Church Fan", are great conventional Conway songs. Then there were two features on those two songs I previously mentioned.

Jae Skeese and 7xvethegenius provided some dope lyrics and energy, especially by 7xvethegenius. Griselda is great at bringing in under-the-radar artists on their albums, who end up gaining a buzz afterwards. Stove God Cooks and 38 Spesh are two examples of that notion.

Conductor is one of the better producers in the game and he is finally getting his shine. His work with Drake has put him in the front of the line, but it is good to see him still in touch with the types of artists he has been building with over the last few years.

Every beat on this album is top notch. The run he has been on is insane to say the least. However, the separate actions of both contributors worked, but not the combination of the two.

Negative Takeaways

Conductor was good with the production, while Conway did his job with the lyrics, but the combination did not mesh well as one would expect. It seems as though there was a disconnect between the two and it was hard to blend it all together.

"Noir" and "Higher" seemed extremely out of place for someone like Conductor. He is more gritty and this EP lacked that rough and rugged feel at times. The closing three tracks brought that feel, but some songs didn't meet the standards that they both can bring.

I wouldn't say that the EP was bad by any means. It was lackluster, as I had high expectations. If you separate both entities than you get good music, but as a collection, it was very subpar.

Overall Rating

Best Tracks: Flame, Chruch Fan, Love the Lord

Worst Tracks: Believe Me, Noir, Higher

Overall Rating: 5.5/10