Dr. Dre reveals shocking health battle: Three strokes after brain aneurysm in 2021

Dr. Dre Appears On SiriusXM's 'This Life Of Mine With James Corden'
Dr. Dre Appears On SiriusXM's 'This Life Of Mine With James Corden' / Emma McIntyre/GettyImages

Hip-hop icon Dr. Dre has broken his silence about a harrowing health crisis that unfolded behind the scenes. In an exclusive interview with James Corden on Corden’s This Life of Mine show on SiriusXM, the legendary rapper and producer disclosed that he suffered not one, but three strokes following a brain aneurysm in early 2021.

A life-altering wake-up call

"It definitely makes you appreciate being alive, that’s for sure,” Dre candidly shared with Corden. "

The gravity of the situation hit him like a freight train.

"It’s something you can’t control; it just happens. During those two weeks, I had three strokes."

The ordeal began with a sudden, searing pain. Dre recounted waking up, hearing a loud pop, and feeling something behind his right ear.

" I got up and went about my day, and I thought I could lay down and take a nap,” he recalled. "

But his son and a close friend insisted on rushing him to the hospital. Their swift action likely saved his life.

The dark days in the ICU

As Dre’s health teetered on the edge, he found himself in the intensive care unit (ICU).

" I’m blacking out, I’m in and out of consciousness, and I end up in the ICU,” he revealed. "

Doctors delivered sobering news:

"You don’t know how lucky you are."

Yet, despite his fame and fortune, Dre grappled with the uncertainty of it all.

"I asked questions about what I could’ve done to prevent this, but no one could give me an answer."

Beyond the health crisis

Beyond his health revelations, Dre delved into his storied career. He reminisced about his rise as a producer, the unexpected explosion of N.W.A., and the groundbreaking program he co-founded at the University of Southern California (USC)alongside music mogul Jimmy Iovine. But it was his praise for his protégé, Eminem, that resonated.

"Long story short, I met Eminem at Jimmy Iovine’s office, we slapped hands, went to the studio, and started recording,” Dre recounted. “The first four albums were just me and [Eminem]. His writing, delivery, and imagination are off the charts. I don’t think anyone would disagree with that. I don’t think anyone rapping can touch Eminem on that microphone."

A wake-up call for us all

Dre’s candid admission serves as a stark reminder that health crises can strike anyone, regardless of fame or fortune. His resilience and newfound appreciation for life echo beyond the music industry. As fans worldwide send their well wishes, we’re reminded that even legends face mortality. Dre’s journey from the brink of tragedy to recovery is a testament to the fragility and strength of the human spirit.

"It definitely makes you appreciate being alive, that’s for sure – Dr. Dre"