Drake reignites feud with Pusha T on Travis Scott's new album

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Travis Scott released his newest album, Utopia, which was highly anticipated. However, one of the biggest takeaways didn't come from Travis Scott himself. We all expected another Drake feature since the two are known for iconic collabs in the past. This one delivered once again, but Drake had some curious lyrics that might have taken aim at an old foe.

The feud between Pusha T and Drake is a beef that has been cooking for decades now, regardless of public notoriety. It starts with Pusha T versus Lil Wayne, which trickled into Drake. Over the past few years, things got ugly and more public. The two rappers were trading shots until Pusha T dropped the monumental, "Story of Adidon", which shed light on so much of Drake's darkest secrets to say the least.

Drake never responded on a track, but was not afraid to speak on it in interviews. As the years went by, Drake threw subliminal shots at the Virginia rapper. After a cool-off period, Travis Scott's Utopia may have reignited the beef.

On the song, "Meltdown", Drake took shots at not only Pusha T, but also his longtime friend and producer, Pharrell.

""Man, f**k all that spinnin' the narrative s**t
I melt down the chains that I bought from yo' boss
Give a f**k about all of that heritage s**t
Since V not around, the members done hung up the Louis, they not even wearing that s**t""

Drake on "Meltdown"

Drake is taking shots at Pusha T by simply claiming that he is the understudy, or worker, for Pharrell. Drake used this same approach with using Kanye West against Pusha T; trying to make him feel like a nobody compared to Drake's stature. Furtermore, Drake speaks on melting down the Pharrell chain we saw in his "Jumbotron S**t Poppin" music video.

Drake proceeds to put down Pharrell and his new venture as the men's creative director for Louis Vuitton, which was vacant after Virgil Abloh's passing - who Drake affectionately references here as "V."

With this feature, Drake has restarted an ugly feud. Do we see Pusha T responding? If so, does he go to the extremes once again?